WWJD: This is the mindset the rock of the Paris household, Rhonda, lives by, and her family loves her for it

Rhonda Paris is as heartfelt, loving and compassionate as they come.

As a wife and mother of three, this God-fearing woman is constantly there for the ones she loves. She loves hard and is a very supportive person, and her family looks up to her for good reason.

Whether you are talking about the way Rhonda protects her family or the way she gives maximum effort to everything she does, there is no questioning how amazing Rhonda is. She has an amazing personality and loves the way Jesus does, and that makes her special.

“Rhonda is very compassionate, has a heart of gold and she shows unconditional love to all that are close to her,” her husband Scott said. “She always puts her family first in everything she does. Rhonda is a devout Christian and her morals and ethics are unmatched. She has always supported and encouraged her children in their extra curricular activities over the years too.”

Rhonda has always made sure Grant, Libby and Leah know she will be there for them no matter what. She has been their biggest supporter at their sporting events and at everything in between, and they love just how much their mother cares for them.

“She is selfless and she’s the best mother that we could have ever asked for,” Grant said. “She teaches us how to be strong, loving, and caring individuals. I love her with all my heart.”

“She is the most heartfelt and caring mother I know,” Libby added. “She would do anything for her kids and husband. She is a great listener and makes all her children feel so loved. She is so loyal, dependable and loving. I want to be a great mom one day just like her!”

Libby and her siblings all look up to their mother. She is a great role model who also gives them great advice, and they appreciate the way their mother cherishes them.

Rhonda is a mama bear through and through, and she has excelled at raising three kids while working full time. She has always put them first, and her family all knows where they stand with Rhonda.

“She is the most kind-hearted person that I know and would put anybody above herself,” Leah said. “She is the reason that I am the person I am today because I’m awesome! One day I hope to be half the mother that she is to her family and I love her to the moon and back”

“Rhonda loves deeply and passionately,” Scott added. “She is the best mother to her three children and has a great work-life balance! She puts 100 percent effort into anything she does like her work and her personal life. Rhonda has been an exemplary role model by showing her children what it’s like to be a ‘super mom’ by teaching values, being a great source of comfort, and teaching valuable life lessons to shape her children’s character.”

All the while, Scott feels he also learns so much from his wife on a daily basis. She is a woman of great character and places Jesus as the foundation of the Paris family’s being, and Scott is proud of that.

There is a lot to be proud of this amazing woman who is Rhonda Paris. She is a one of a kind woman, and no one pees their pants quite like her. She has made memories and has created a wonderful Christian family, and for that everything is thankful and grateful.

“We would be nowhere without our Momma! Such an incredible woman of God that loves her family deeply.” – Libby

“You make us laugh, you are so comforting when we cry, and you are the ROCK of our family. You lead us with dignity and grace! Your love for the Lord is unmatched and you always think through handling situations the Christian way (what would Jesus do).” – Scott

WWJD: Rhonda Paris

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