‘Our MVP’: Liz does everything for the good of others, and it is special to see

Liz Nuño is incredibly tough and resilient, and she would do anything for anyone.

Early on in her life Liz had her son, Adrian, and that helped jumpstart her amazingness. She also had to grow up real quick, and she certainly did a great job of that. She grew into this amazing mother who would do anything for her son, all while finishing up her schooling.

Through that time in her life, Liz showed that there is nothing she is incapable of. She can endure all of life’s toughest challenges with ease, and she will do it with a whole lot of love in her heart as well.

And now, she is married to her loving husband and they have a second child, Milani, who Liz would also do anything for.

“She had to get her GED, go through nursing school and give Adrian the best life possible,” her husband Nick said. “Adrian is a good kid too.

“And then there is Milani, who is our daughter. Liz couldn’t even take a month off when she had her. She didn’t have a proper maternity leave. We needed to make ends meet.”

Liz did what she had to for the good of her family. She is incredibly loving and has done a great job in raising Milani, and she has also done an excellent job in balancing motherhood with her work life.

And if you somehow aren’t convinced that Liz can do it all, just look at the young man Adrian has grown up to be. If you look at him, you’d definitely convince yourself that Milani is in just as good of hands.

“Adrian is a freshman in high school,” Nick said. “He is just like his mom, who is absolutely selfless. Liz is always providing for us. She’s been through a lot, but she is kicking butt.”

Life has thrown the Nuño clan some major curveballs, but there is no obstacle in life Liz cannot overcome. She puts her head down and faces every challenge with confidence, and that is one of the many reasons why she is such an amazing woman.

On top of her resilience, Liz has an out of this world personality. She takes life for what it is, and she loves to live life with her family.

“Liz has been an incredible supporter,” Nick said. “She’s a great woman. She is someone I can laugh with. She’s been through highs and lows. It’s been one event after another.”

It is through the adversity they have faced together that has helped Nick and Liz grow as a couple. They grow closer together with each bump in the road, and they love each other unconditionally.

Liz also brings out the best in Nick. She is so loving and so supportive of him, and she also has the ability to remind him what is really important in life. She came into his life and completely turned it around, and he is just super grateful for her.

“Liz has helped ground me,” Nick said. “Before meeting her, I was single for a long time. It was just my dog Duke and I. She’s given me purpose, a reason to do and be better. She’s very encouraging and wants to see me do well in anything and everything I do. She is truly a motivator!”

Liz brings out the best in everyone. She is constantly making accommodations to make sure everyone else is taken care of first, and Nick says this speaks volumes about her character. As life has sped up for her family the past couple of years, Liz has been at the forefront of it all, making sure they are always taken care of.

She is also someone who is incredible at their job. Liz is a nurse who would do anything for her patients, and she loves being there to make a difference.

“She is selfless,” Nick said. “She is going to put her patients first. Both her and I have a background in ICU nursing. She’s very skillful in the cardiac cath lab. Liz’s patient care is second to none. She is able to act and prevent any issue from happening. She is incredible at engaging with patient’s families as well.”

Liz just has a way with people that is completely unmatched. She knows what people need and what people need to hear at all times, as her heart is so genuine and full of compassion.

It is not difficult to see exactly why Nick loves his wife and why their family could not live without Liz. She is a game-changer and a total teammate. She is the MVP of her family.

“I am entirely dedicated to being her man, till death do us part.” – Nick

‘Our MVP’: Liz Nuño

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