‘She Rocks My World’: Life without Jayden would be pretty crappy for Tyler

There was a time when Jayden Nichol was an amazing singer. She could blow the roof off the place with her singing voice.

Anytime Jayden took the stage, people would listen in awe. They could not believe the sound coming from her lips.

“Jayden did a rendition of Avril Lavigne’s ‘Skater Boy’ in front of a crowd of people when she was younger,” her partner Tyler Peat said.

Tyler was always so amazed by how wonderful her voice was. And don’t get us wrong, Jayden still has a world class singing voice, she just does not sing the way she used to.

It’s okay that Jayden does not spend all her time singing either, as she spends so much time being an all out amazing person. From the moment Tyler met Jayden, he knew she was special and that she was worth getting to know, and he is glad he gets to be right by her side every step of the way in life.

“We first met at a function through a mutual friend,” Tyler said. “My friend at the time was interested in her so I was teasing her about it, and then she asked me if I was any better than him and I said, ‘yes.’”

Boy is Tyler glad he said that. It might not have seemed like a big deal at the time, but it helped to jumpstart what they have now.

What Tyler and Jayden have is a truly remarkable relationship. They are friends and lovers, and for Tyler, having a partner like Jayden is something he could never have imagined. She is way out of his league, but he certainly does not complain.

Jayden is a beautiful woman who enjoys boxing, singing, spinning, cooking and playing basketball. What’s not to like?

She is also a great friend to many and she has a top notch personality. She gets along with everyone and she is a woman of great character.

“She is very humble and kind,” Tyler said. “Jayden is a kind soul, but also has a creative side to her (singing and dancing). She always cares for others and is a very easy person to get along with as she is very personable.”

Whether she is playing with her puppy, going to the arcade with friends or going to her cabin with Tyler, spending time with people is the number one priority for Jayden. As is treating them with nothing but love and respect. She is a very likable person who everyone gets along with, and that is because she has such a big heart.

From her selflessness to her genuineness, Jayden always shows just how much she cares for everyone. She is a reliable person who is always going to have your back no matter what, and she is always going to be there for the ones she loves. Tyler has not met a person who does not like Jayden, and that is because she is truly wonderful.

“I admire how understanding and kind she is,” Tyler said. “Also how she is not afraid to tell you what’s on her mind. And how good she is with people who need help.”

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “give the shirt off your back,” that is Jayden in a nutshell. She loves caring for people in any way she can.

Plus she is a straight shooter. She is never going to beat around the bush, but instead is going to tell you exactly how she feels.

Jayden is also a great life partner to Tyler. From teaching him many things to making memories with him, he loves everything about her.

In fact, he will never forget the time she did not know what his car looked like so she tried to open multiple doors of strangers. He will never forget the elevator dinner either. Or crying during Post Malone’s hit song “I Fall Apart” when they saw him in concert.

Tyler will also never forget or take for granted how amazing a woman Jayden really is.

“She treats others with respect always,” he said.

It’s all about others, and that is something Tyler really appreciates. He is glad Jayden is the amazing person she is, and he is glad she decided to take a chance on him.

“We rock each other’s worlds.” – Tyler

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