A Family Woman: Penny means everything and then some to all those around her

There is so much to be said about Penny Hebert.

She is a family woman with a knack for loving others well before herself, and her husband of over four decades, Louie, loves everything about this amazing woman.

“She is calm, cool and collected,” Louie said. “Penny is very easy going and helpful. She loves spending time with her kids and especially her grandkids, who she spoils rotten. She tends to be quiet and enjoys alone time, but she is also fun.”

Penny has a wonderfully well-rounded personality. She keeps to herself when the situation warrants it, and she has certainly earned her infrequent alone time. She has spent years raising her five children, and they are all turning out to be great people because of the role model of a mother they have.

Jill, Riley, Melissa, Caleb and Emily all look up to their mother, and rightfully so. Penny has been the one person they can always count on and they know she would do anything for them.

Their father knows Penny would do anything for him as well. Penny has always had Louie’s back, and he is beyond grateful for all she has done for he and their family.

“I admire her loving and caring spirit, especially for her family,” Louie said. “And her willingness to help and the fact that she is always putting others before herself. Penny is playful and fun, especially with her grandkids.”

Family is the most important thing in the world to Penny, and if you could not tell, her five grandchildren are her greatest treasure. Nella, Noah, Aurthur, Nova and Cecilia have a very loving and devoted Grandma who makes sure they always have everything they need.

Penny loves cookouts, camping, fostering children (she’s taken in over 50 foster children in a 20-year span!) and doing anything that involves family and friends. She also loves reading, crafting, furniture restoration, gardening, kayaking, seeing historic buildings and so much more.

As for Penny’s family, everyone (especially her husband) loves spending ample time with her. They love just being around her and always getting to make memories with this amazing woman.

Louie has known Penny for the entirety of their adult lives, and he is truly grateful to get to spend his life with the most wonderful woman in the world.

“He always tells her she is the love of her life,” Melissa said. “They’ve been together since she was 13 and he was 15, so they’ve spent almost their entire lives learning and growing together.”

This has helped Louie and Penny create an unbreakable bond, and their children and grandchildren are grateful to witness it.

Penny is truly the matriarch of her family, and the Hebert children are thankful they have gotten the opportunity to make their own lives a reflection of their mother. She is one of a kind, and Louie and the entire clan are super appreciative.

“Thanks for putting up with me!” – Louie

A Family Woman: Penny Hebert

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