Others First: Melani would not dare ever put herself before others, and her family is grateful for this

Life is what you make of it.

That’s been Melani Hunt’s mindset throughout her entire life, and the people around her have learned so much from watching her make the most of her life. This includes her children, who are appreciative of the life that their mother created for them.

“I may have not had the world, but always what I needed,” her oldest son Dennis said. “Which in turn taught me to be humble in all means in life.”

Melani is someone who has always put her kids first, and they know that they could not make it through this life without her. She is so caring and compassionate and has been a role model for them.

Melani is full of heart and determination, and she has worked hard throughout her entire life. In turn, this has boded well for her children because they have had the privilege of learning this hard work and dedication from their mother. From going back to school and getting her GED at 30 to finding ways of making meals out of nothing, Melani can do it all and she has created the best life possible for all four of her kids.

“What sticks out to me from the moment I first met Mel is her as a parent,” her husband Joshua said. “Coming into it and not really knowing what to expect, I was more than pleased. Her fight and resilience and doing it all by herself is simply amazing.”

Melani fought hard to get to where she is at in life, and she certainly has worked hard to be a great mother. And it has not come without obstacles either, as her and Joshua’s daughter, Mia, was diagnosed with cancer at just 6 months old. However, through the fight and determination that Melani had to not give up, Mia beat cancer and is now 17 years old and is protected by her three older brothers – Dennis, Anthony and Nathan.

Melani’s ability to put her children first is utterly amazing, but what is even more amazing is how much she puts everyone in her life first. Whether you are talking about her family or friends, Melani’s selflessness runs rampant for everyone.

“What makes her good to others is her kindness and her caring,” Joshua said. “Especially with her children. She will give her shirt off her back and make sure her kids will be taken care of. She is supportive of my son as well. You can’t put a tag on those things.”

Melani will gladly take a backseat to suit anyone’s needs, and that is very admirable. She wants everyone to have the best life possible, and she does her best to make that happen.

She is also someone who is constantly teaching those around her. Whether it’s her children or anyone else, people definitely learn just from observing who Melani is.

“She’s taught us resilience,” Dennis said. “And to always lend a hand however you can.”

These things are just part of what make up Melani’s personality though.

She is also someone who people get along with because she knows how to crack jokes and make life fun. She tries to be as lighthearted as she can be in any situation, and that’s why she is the life of any party.

“She’s got a great sense of humor,” Joshua said. “It’s taken her a long time to get used to my sense of humor though. She makes people smile and makes people laugh. She’s just a great person and I don’t think she realizes how much we appreciate her.”

It’s not only Melani’s family who appreciates her either. All of her friends and companions appreciate her and love being around her, and they love her so much. She makes life infinitely better, and she is someone who knows how to get through life’s toughest situations.

Plus, Joshua gets to go out and drive without a destination in mind with his wife, which is fun in and of itself. She makes his life better and she makes everyone’s life better, and no one wants to even begin to think about what life would look like without Melani. She is special and deserves to be celebrated every day, and the people around her are thankful for her.

“She was always worried about how we’d all turn out, and that not having a wealthy lifestyle would harm us or set us back. When in reality it has taught us more than wealth ever could… that life, knowledge and wisdom is true wealth.” – Dennis

“I want to remind her just how much her kids and I appreciate her hard work and the care and love she gives to us to make sure we are taken care of.” – Joshua

others first - Melani Hunt

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