‘We Just Want To Say Thank You’: Kristin is appreciated by her husband and children for all she does for them and for the love she shows every day

Kristin Lillestol is a great role model to all. She is always there for others and she is also wicked smart.

Moreover, she is someone who is a great wife and mother. Kristin would do anything for her family, and everything she has ever taught her kids has certainly rubbed off on them.

“She inspires me every day to be the best person I can be and to be strong, independent and happy with myself,” her daughter Jaymie said. “She never fails to congratulate me on my accomplishments, including even the smallest ones, such as getting a good grade on a test. I know that in my mom’s heart she truly believes I will accomplish everything that I strive to achieve, and that I will not only make her proud, but myself as well.”

Kristin pushes her kids to be the best version of themselves every single day. She knows that life is what you make of it and that setting goals is important. She has taught her kids this every day, and her kids appreciate her for that.

They also appreciate Kristin for the fact that she is always there for them. There is not a moment in life that passes by where Kristin is not supporting her children and making sure they have everything they need, and that is admirable.

“My mom is great to my sister and I because she is always thinking of us and knows how to be there for both of us,” her son Drew said.

Without Kristin, Jaymie and Drew would not be the people they are today. They know they have her to thank for everything, and they are truly grateful for her.

They are also thankful for her perseverance. Day in and day out, Kristin puts her best foot forward, and Jaymie and Drew both know this.

“My mom has taught me to try my best and to never give up,” Drew said.

Kristin’s love is not just for her kids either. She loves her husband, Jason, so much, and her children both notice this. They both hope to have a strong relationship with their future partners like Kristin and Jason have today.

“They have a good sense of humor and don’t take each other too seriously,” Jaymie said. “They are able to laugh together. Even after a disagreement, they are able to come back to each other knowing that their love is stronger than what the disagreement was about. They are each other’s life partner.”

Call them life partners, soulmates or whatever else, but it is clear that Jason and Kristin are meant for each other. And they never give up on each other.

Loving someone like Kristin is easy to do in the eyes of Jason, as she is special and one of a kind. She brings so much joy to the Lillestol family, and her love is irreplaceable. She is their everything and she means the world to them, and they are thankful for everything that Kristin is and strives to be.

“All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother. She has raised tremendous children that will pass down her legacy.” – Jaymie

“I just want to say, I love you mom and you are very important to me and everyone else.” – Drew

“I’ve been married to Kristin for 30 years. I love her more than she will ever know, and she never gets the thanks she deserves.” – Jason

‘We Just Want To Say Thank You’

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