“Her Love for her Family is Just Amazing”: Jill Puffenbarger will do anything to ensure her family’s happiness

Jill Puffenbarger: the source of all things happy, loving, and strong. According to her husband, Ken, Jill’s love for her family is unmatched by anyone he’s known… and so is her fandom of all things Cleveland sports.

Although Ken didn’t get the opportunity to learn this about Jill during their time spent together in high school, once they began talking in a restaurant during their college years, he knew there was something special about her.

Due to her funny nature, indulging in the same activities as one another, and her immense care for friends and family, Ken knew he would marry Jill. Not to mention, her smile is the greatest one he has ever seen; it exudes happiness and joy, qualities that Ken admires greatly.

Not only does Jill shower Ken with love, care, and appreciation every day, but she equally shows devotion to her kids. As a mother, Jill dedicates her life to their two daughters, Rachel and Katelyn, stopping at nothing to ensure their utmost happiness. “No matter what, she has always put her family first and never asks for anything in return,” Ken said.

In addition to her kids, Jill loves all of her family members unconditionally. She will drop everything to help out a family member and she upholds the routine of calling her mother daily, no matter what. And as a friend, Jill is the greatest listener and never complains about lending them a hand. She’s the shoulder they cry on and the light they reach for during tough times.

As a person, Jill never fails to see the good in people. She gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and naturally brings people happiness with her infectious laugh. “I just know when she starts laughing, I can’t help but to laugh with her,” Ken said.

Ken’s hope is to give Jill credit for simply being the greatest person he knows; he never overlooks all of the little things that she does to make life easier for their family. “Her love for her family is just amazing,” Ken said. “She is the strongest person in our household and her dedication is something to be admired.”

At the end of the day, good or bad, Ken, Rachel, and Katelyn feel comforted by the fact that Jill will be waiting at home, unflagging in her efforts to provide them with anything they need.

“I cannot express enough in words how much I love her and want her to know just how great a person she is even though we don’t express it enough to her. We just appreciate all that she has done for our family.” -Ken


her love for her family is just amazing

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