‘First Time Grandma’: Linda’s son Jake and daughter-in-law Brianna gave birth to Ava Grace on August 15, 2022

When a child is born, people always talk about the child and their parents, but they always seem to miss out on talking about one of the true superheroes that arise, which is Grandma.

When Linda Bligh’s granddaughter Ava Grace was born, Linda stepped perfectly into the role of Grandma. She loves Ava and she loves to spoil her, and it is truly a sight to behold watching the two of them bond.

Linda’s boyfriend Zachary speaks very highly of how loving she is toward her new granddaughter. And despite Ava only being a few months old, Zachary and the rest of Linda’s family can see a twinkle in Ava’s eye when Grandma is holding her, and it is great to see.

“She is loving and caring,” Zachary said. “Linda is a great babysitter. The baby sleeps through the night after Linda babysits. Linda is also very giving toward her family.”

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that Linda is an exceptional grandmother either. She has always prioritized her family first and foremost, and she has been a great role model to her kids Jake and Madison. They both love their mother so much, and they know Ava loves her much the same.

Linda is also someone who is easy to get along with. She is an extremely positive person who raised her children to have the same outlook on life that she has, and they are both thankful for that.

“She is almost always happy and in a good mood,” Zachary said. “Linda is constantly smiling, caring and loving.”

Linda is always there for others and she can be a light in anyone’s life, and Zac is glad that he gets to call her his girlfriend. She is an amazing girlfriend, mother and grandmother, and he is thankful for her.

Linda is also a very active person who loves to adventure with her family and friends. Anything she can do with or for the people she loves, she does it.

“She likes to cook and specializes in Italian sauces,” Zachary said. “She likes to walk her dog, go to the pool, travel and spend time with her children, and now her granddaughter too. Linda likes red wine, especially Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. She also likes to watch Netflix and lounge on the couch for down time.”

Linda is an exceptional woman who has turned into a more than exceptional grandmother, and Zachary is glad he is along for the ride. He loves seeing how much Linda loves her family and how great she is with Ava, and he knows she will continue to cherish and spoil Ava for years to come.

“I love how much her eyes glow when she sees, holds and talks about her granddaughter Ava. It is also admirable how Linda is for her caring, happy nature toward her family.” – Zachary

first time grandma

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