The Most Amazing Mother: Nancy is a special mom who has supported her children through everything

Nancy McCormick’s children have the utmost respect and gratitude for everything their mother has done for them.

She is an everlasting presence in their lives, and she has been someone whose love for them has never wavered. She cares so much about her children – as well as her husband and everyone else all around her – and Matt, Robyn and Katie are truly thankful for her.

Their mother is a role model with an outstanding personality, and they are appreciative of that as well.

“Her patience, kindness, eagerness to help, continued support, and sense of adventure are essential qualities,” Matt said. “Mom is more than your typical leader of the house; she is driven and determined, wanting all the best out of life and experiences. I’ve always thought of her (and I speak for both of my siblings too) as the safety net of our high-wire act.”

Over the years, Nancy has meant love and support for their children. She has always made sure that whatever decisions they make, she backs them up 100 percent. She cares deeply about her children and just wants them to have the best lives possible, and for that they appreciate her.

“Mom is our number one cheerleader,” Matt said. “She is supportive and reminds us that she and my dad are always there to help. As typical parents, they are always concerned that our choices are in our best interest and to ensure our safety.

“Mom will want to give us ‘the talk’ (the finance talk, the ‘what are your next steps’ talk), but she doesn’t provide the feedback unless we ask for it. She understands that we are all young adults and have made strides to pave our way in the world, but she is always quick to answer the phone for a chat if you need advice.”

Nancy is always there. Her kids look up to her as a guiding light, and that is simply remarkable.

They also look up to their mother because of her relationship with their father. They have seen the love and support they have for one another, and that is something all three of the kids strive for.

Matt, Robyn and Katie also strive to take after so many other amazing qualities their mom possesses. Nancy is a hard-working individual who has always strived to be the best wife, mother and friend she can possibly be, and everyone around her notices this.

“What we admire most about mom is her drive; she is organized and a go-getter,” Matt said. “She is a meticulous planner, which comes in handy for planning family dinners and vacations, and ensuring the house and family runs smoothly. She has this outgoing, adventurous personality that opens her opportunities. When mom comes into the room, you know she’s knowledgeable, open to communication and kind… that level of confidence is truly admirable.”

Nancy is just a super caring individual with the greatest outlook on life. She is the matriarch of her family and is the anchor that holds the ship steady. She loves with all her heart and gives everything her all.

Nancy’s dedication, determination and perseverance is appreciated by her kids, and that’s why they celebrate her every day.

“We appreciate all the love and support you have shown us throughout our lives.” – Matt

the most amazing mother

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