‘My Love, My Life’

If Jeanne Morgan is behind the wheel, you better have your seat belt fastened.

“She only knows one way to drive a car – like bat out of hell,” said Tim Morgan, Jeanne’s husband.

Jeanne is a fast, aggressive, and competitive driver. But outside of the driver’s seat, her personality is almost completely the opposite.

“She is a super kind and caring,” Tim said. “She has a heart for service and lives to extend compassion.”

A Christian believer who loves God with her heart, mind, and soul, Jeanne lives out her conviction to love her neighbor while serving in one of the hardest jobs on earth. It’s a job that requires a selflessness and sensitivity that is rare.

Jeanne is a nurse for those on hospice care. Not only does she care for individuals at the end of their lives, but she also serves their loved ones and family members throughout the process. And she does so excellently.

“Jeanne is fiercely passionate about her patients and the families she serves,” Tim said. “Her vocation is her life.”

Outside of her long days of work, Jeanne stays busy. She is a pet lover with five cats and three dogs that she pampers with food, treats, toys, and more.

The felines are named Petey Pooh, Sweet Pickle Relish, Puddin Stick, Punkin Pie and Paddie Cake. The canines go by Fred the Dog, Maggie-Mae-Moo-moo, and Tater Tot Barks a Lot.

Every night, she sleeps in a room with at least six of them, according to her husband.

“She spoils every last one of the pets,” said Timothy. “She is the best dog and cat mom ever!”

In addition to being an animal lover, Jeanne enjoys being in the outdoor, playing games on the internet, and doing household projects and home improvement with her husband. She also loves travel adventures—Alaska, Costa Rica and Italy for instance– when there is time and the finances allow.

As a Michigan native who has also lived in South Carolina and Illinois, Jeanne met Tim while doing volunteer kitchen work at a small church on St. Simons Island in Georgia.

“She was hooked the moment she realized just how much I loved to do dishes,” said Tim.

For nearly two years, the couple would do romantic strolls on the beach, particularly when there was a full moon. One walk on the beach – when the water was at high tide and above their shins – Tim decided to propose. Jeanne said yes and soon they were off as husband and wife.

“She has always seen the good in me and has encouraged me always to serve outside of my comfort zone,” said Timothy.

Given her propensity for speed and danger on the road, Tim’s comfort zone may not extend into the passenger seat with Jeanne behind the wheel. But he absolutely adores her just the same.

“I love this fine woman with all my heart,” Tim said. “She inspires, she encourages, and she lives life with unsurpassed passion. She seems to kind of like me, too.”


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