‘A Kindhearted Mama Bear’: Kimberly is honest and loving, and she would do anything for her husband and children

Kimberly Riche’ means everything to her husband, Logan, and so much more.

He credits his wife for being his guiding light and the reason he has the life he does today. She is a wonderful wife who has brought two kids into this world with Logan, and she is the most extraordinary mother.

On top of that, Kimberly started a business with Logan, and he is so grateful he gets to work with his wife on a daily basis.

“We own a Business Called Riche’s Y-Not Stop,” Logan said. “She is the CFO and handles all of the accounting and new merchandise. She is a huge part of our success. Riche’s Y-Not Stop is a 24/7 Convenience Store that has a full restaurant inside as well.”

Just like Riche’s is a do-it-all type of business, Kimberly is a do-it-all type of person. She has a wonderful personality and has a keen ability to balance everything. Between running a business and running a family that can be difficult, but Kimberly makes it look easy.

What also makes Kimberly such a great person is the fact that she is super trustworthy. If she says she will do something, you better believe she is going to get it done. Plus she will have your back in any situation, and that is truly astonishing.

“Kimberly is the most honest person I have ever met,” Logan said. “Family members and friends go to her for advice because they know she will be honest with them. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear; she tells you what you need to hear. She is very intelligent, driven and loving. She is also very disciplined, especially in regards to her routine and diet.”

Kimberly is also a woman who can stay the course. If she sets her mind to something and challenges herself in something, she is going to succeed far beyond belief.

But above all else, as it was mentioned before, Kimberly is an extraordinary mother. Both Walter (6) and Josie (4) are blessed to have a mom like Kimberly, and there is a reason why they bond with her so well.

“She is a wonderful mother with the perfect mix of compassion and sternness,” Logan said. “Nobody better mess with our kids or they will have to deal with Mamma Bear! When she worries, it is about the safety of our kids. Our kids’ wellbeing and future are her number one priority. She loves to spoil them but doesn’t get carried away. She teaches them how to be responsible, respectful and grateful. Our kids are extremely lucky to have her as a mother.”

Kimberly is full of awesomeness, care and compassion, and she is a mother who will always go to bat for her children. She is as protective as they come, and she puts them first.

Kimberly is also a role model for them in many ways. Between the way she treats Walter and Josie to the way she loves their father to the way her personality sticks out, her kids have a lot to look up to. They learn from the best, and that is truly remarkable.

“She is incredibly trustworthy and does not lie,” Logan said. “Her discipline is remarkable to watch. She never takes the easy way; she does what is necessary and does it really well. She is always willing to learn and to improve on anything she does. She is incredible at whatever she does and is humble about it. She would rather an act of kindness instead of flowers or a gift.”

Kimberly has found such success in life because she has always taken the high road. As much as she has faced challenges and adversity in her life, she has always faced them head-on and with the utmost excellence. She can take on anything life throws at her, and that is admirable.

She is also someone with a genuine sense of honesty. She believes honesty is the best policy, and she pushes others to be the same way.

Kimberly is also an extremely positive, giving person. She has a great outlook on life and is as selfless as they come, and it is no wonder why Logan loves and appreciates her as much as he does.

We could go on and on about how remarkable and special Kimberly is, but all you need to know is she treats everyone well and is a very hardworking person. She puts her husband and children above all else, and she is loved and admired by everyone.

“I want her to know how much I love and cherish our time together. There is no one I would rather go through life with. She brings joy to so many people and I am blessed to be a part of her life.” – Logan

a kindhearted mama bear

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