Amazing Devotion: Kristin Wallace celebrates 50 years of love, patience and putting her family first

Chris Wallace turns to baseball to put his wife’s steadfast consistency into perspective. She celebrates her 50th birthday as a wife, mother, daughter and friend who is nearly flawless in the way she prioritizes family and does what’s best for everyone else.

To borrow Chris’ terminology, Kristin is in the early stages of a no-hitter and offers every reason to believe she will keep it going into the future. She has a unique gift in life of bringing joy and positivity and simply doing the right thing without fail.

“The first thing that comes to mind is her devotion to us,” Chris said. “It never lapses. She really cares about everything, and every day she tries to be the best person she can be. I would say it’s almost like pitching a no-hitter. It’s crazy.

“She always comes through for us. She’s always in a good mood. She is always looking for a smile and fun and ways to make us happy.”

Kristin always finds them, too. She and Chris are partners who put up a united front in a loving marriage and as parents to their daughter Charlotte. The couple has a way of coming to terms on disagreements without ever resorting to petty bickering.

That evenness serves as an inspiration and offers profound perspective to Charlotte as she grows up and sees first-hand how she should treat people. Kristin just has a way of guiding her and showing her the way without ever losing her cool.

“If I perhaps say or do something wrong, she will be very straightforward and say something like, ‘Just don’t say it or do it,’” she said. “I think it’s the right way to go. She never loses her poise. She’s very civil. I admire that and aspire to be like that someday.”

Kristin puts her family first now, just as she did when she was a little girl growing up in Cape Cod. She has had a special place in her heart for the beach ever since, and especially for her parents Bill and Connie and her late grandmother G.G.

“It was always special when we would visit her in Little Compton,” Chris said. “Kristin and G.G. had a special relationship. They were very close. She loved spending time at her grandmother’s house as a kid.”

Kristin and G.G. formed a special bond over years of collecting beach glass together, playing on Lloyd’s Beach, watching sunsets on the harbor, and later through games of Scrabble. Those days were the roots of Kristin’s emphasis on family and led her down the path to her “no-hitter” now as a wife and mom.

And as she celebrates 50 amazing years, this feels like the perfect time for Chris and Charlotte to express what Kristin’s consistency, her positivity and her selflessness mean to them. She is the heartbeat of their family and an inspiration to both.

“Thank you for your love, friendship and enduring commitment to the happiness of our family each and every day,” Chris said. “It amazes me how effortless it is for you to always put our love for each other and for Charlotte ahead of everything else. I love you. Happy 50th Birthday!”

“I know it might sound cheesy or cliche to say, but you truly are the best mother anyone could ever ask for,” Charlotte added. “You are the sunshine bursting through the glum clouds of a rainy day. I aspire to have that effect on others when I grow up. Thank you for being such an inspiring and incredible mother. With all of my love, Happy Birthday.”


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