THANK YOU: Kallee Rae Cook is an incredible mother, wife and friend who leads her family with faith and grace

Kallee Rae Cook likes to rise early, read her scriptures, exercise and get herself centered for the busy days that always follow. She is the heart and soul of a big, happy family with her husband, Clayton, and six children Kinlee (15), Jared (13), Molly (11), McKenna (9), Madeline (5) and Kevan (2), which has Kallee in constant motion from sunup to sun down.

In Kallee’s mind, keeping her home running while raising and homeschooling six kids can be an enormous undertaking, but it’s not so big that she can’t find time to work on herself. In addition to the faith, love and positivity she shares with her family, that devotion to self-improvement is something that really stands out to Clayton about his wife. 

“One of her favorite quotes is, ‘Some of the greatest battles will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul’ by Ezra Taft Benson,” Clayton said. “She believes that and is always seeking to improve and do better even when no one is watching. She makes time to exercise, to read and pray every day. Her habit of self-care is one of the greatest examples for her children.”

Kallee pushes forward, faithfully and positively. She demands the best of herself and inspires those around her to be even better versions of themselves. Kallee does an incredible job teaching her children during the day, then she works in service to them and gets them to all of their sports and activities. 

When that work is done, she volunteers at her church and gives her time to Russell Art Farm, which are just two of many examples of Kallee being generous with her time.

Kallee has an incredible sense of duty to her family, and she has dedicated her entire life to being there for Clayton and the kids. 

As a wife, she has been unflappable in her support of Clayton through all kinds of highs and lows in their lives. 

And as a mother, she has taught her children incredible lessons simply by acting in faith, being selfless and working hard.

“When things go right, she looks out the window praising others,” Clayton said. “And when things go wrong, she looks in the mirror. She’s a tremendous leader and her impact will affect generations to come.”

Kevan and Kathy Kennington have watched with pride as their daughter showed inherent goodness at a very young age. 

She has always strived for more and pushed herself spiritually, physically, academically and socially, they say. Kallee has worked at her friendships and relationships, and she has been trustworthy and kind to anyone and everyone who crosses her path.

Kallee has nurtured those talents and improved on them through listening, reading and studying, which is how she goes about leading her children. 

Being a mother is Kallee’s most important mission in life, and she gives it every ounce of her effort. Just as she does with her early-morning prayer and reflection time, much of Kallee’s work as a mom is in the growth that happens while no one is looking.

“As a mother, she has constantly studied, read, asked questions and applied her knowledge to her natural skills,” Kevan and Kathy said. “Her children know how loved they are, how talented and well-read their mother is, and they listen to her, which is rare in children today. She also maintains a beautiful, well-kept home and has made it a sanctuary for her family. They all love to be at home and enjoy each other’s company.”

That’s a testament to the loving and positive tone that Kallee sets, which is all made possible by her effort to build a unique and loving relationship with each of her six children. Her sister-in-law, Camille, is amazed by the amount of work Kallee puts into being a mom, and she finds that she learns something new just by watching Kallee in action.

Kallee’s ability to work and sacrifice for the betterment of others isn’t anything new to Camille. She has seen it in everyday life through the way she prioritizes family and can always make others feel loved. 

Camille has also learned by watching Kallee on the basketball court, where she plays the game with the same kind of selfless leadership.

“She would screen for me when we played basketball to give me easy shots so I could feel successful,” Camille said. “She’s a much better baller, but she tries to build up others and give them opportunities to shine. 

“It wasn’t a big deal. She could have taken the ball and scored, but she set me up for success instead. It just seems to represent how Kallee is in other areas of life as well.”

Those ideals do most certainly apply to Kallee’s life and her approach as a wife, mother and friend. 

She makes the ultimate investment into her family and her children and commits to doing a sometimes-thankless job with humility and grace. All of her hard work shows up in the feeling of joy and peace that is present in her home and in the way her children represent their family when Kallee isn’t around.

But these rare achievements don’t come with trophies or rounds of applause, neither of which Kallee would ever accept anyway. 

She connects with a story titled ‘The Invisible Mother’ because that’s how she feels sometimes. The reality is, Kallee is so humble and she’s so close to the action that others often see the good better than she does. She has done more for her family and friends than she likely even realizes. 

For Camille, that has meant being treated like family from the moment she met Kallee.

“Kallee is an amazing sister-in-law,” Camille said. “I appreciate how she reaches out and expresses love and concern and encouragement. She has made me feel like a sister and friend, and I feel so lucky to have her as my sister-in-law.”

For her parents, Kallee has been an inspiration in the way she treats everyone around her, most of all her children. She has made extraordinary sacrifices feel routine because she has never viewed that level of commitment as a choice. 

“We are grateful for her wonderful example as a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother,” they said. “She has her college degree and is a registered nurse but knows that a mother should and needs to be home with her children. She knows her value as a mother is needed now in the home and when the children are grown she can resume her other career path. 

“Yes, she has given up much for her to be in the home, but it has paid off and will continue to do so.”

And from Clayton and the kids, the message is clear: All of those sacrifices matter, and they are all deeply appreciated. Kallee is the force that keeps the family in motion, and her guidance gives all six of her children their best chance to lead happy, successful lives. 

“She has fostered a hardworking attitude and determination with habits to back it up,” Clayton said. “Her choices and the grace of God put her in a position where she is today. She deserves the praise, the recognition, and appreciation from all of us. 

“At the end of the day, she only wants to have the approval of her Father in Heaven and continue to have the opportunity to serve those around her. We love her so much and just want to say Thank You!”

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