‘Our Heartbeat’: Courtnay is the beating heart of the Crawford family, no doubt about it

Without Courtnay, the Crawford family would be pretty lost. She is the glue that holds her family together, and she certainly shows resilience and love in raising five children.

Courtnay does it all with a smile on her face and a lot of joy in her heart. She has a fun-loving attitude and she is there for those who need her most, especially her family.

When Joe first met Courtnay in high school, he was at a tough place in life. However, she was there to lift him up, they started dating, eventually got married and had kids, and here he is talking about just how much she means to him.

Joe truly could not imagine life without Courtnay, and he is super grateful for her.

“She is special to us because of all that she does for our family that, for the most part, goes unnoticed,” Joe said. “The little things every single day that she does from laundry to laying out clothes. Staying up late to put final touches on school projects. She’s just amazing.”

Every day, Courtnay finds a new way to amaze Joe. She is constantly doing everything in her power to give the best life possible to Joe and the kids, and her love for them has never wavered.

“I admire her passion for our family,” Joe said. “I admire her selflessness. I admire how, no matter what, her kids come first. I come after the kids. Then her. She’s always making sure we are taken care of before herself. We’d all have our life jackets on before she did if it was up to her. Her love and compassion amaze me everyday.”

There is nothing and no one that comes before Stephanie (13), Payton (10), Jaxon (8), Eastyn (5) or Braxtyn (1). Courtnay is their number one provider and they are her number one priority. From helping them with homework to doing crafts to changing diapers, Courtnay is just always there for them

She is also their biggest supporter in everything they do in life. Every event they have and every activity they take part in, Courtnay is there.

“We’re pretty simple when it comes to doing things together,” Joe said. “We love cheering on the kids. We have a small group of close friends that we love hanging with and relaxing. We love sitting on the couch and relaxing. We love competing against each other with dishes as the punishment to the loser. We love taking our kids on vacation.”

Friendly competitions and family time are what keeps the Crawford family close, and that would explain why they are such a tight knit family. Well, that and the fact that Courtnay is the matriarch.

Joe and the kids really could not be more thankful for all Courtnay does for them. They might not show it often enough, but it does not make it any less true.

“I just want her to know that she doesn’t go unnoticed. I want her to know that she is very important and that we love her with all we have. She’s the heartbeat of this family, and we would move mountains for her.” – Joe

‘Our Heartbeat’: Courtnay Crawford

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