“For the most loving and patient person I have ever met… This story is for my wife of 3.5 years, Amy Bruggeman.”

Mike and Amy’s story began when Mike’s daughter, Molly, had Amy as her 2nd grade teacher. They were both married at the time, but they grew a friendship that had lasted 9 years before it turned romantic. 

During that time, Amy had always been someone that Mike admired because of her incessant passion for life; her smile radiated, her energy was contagious and she knew how to light up a room with her confidence and ease. 

That’s why, some time after they had both been divorced, Mike knew that he wanted to ask Amy out. Their love was easy thanks to the foundation they had built prior to dating, and as their relationship developed, they inevitably married.

Since then, Mike’s life seemed brighter, more positive, and greater than it ever had been before. Thanks to Amy, Mike is inspired to be a better person. 

“Her caring personality and her passion for life make me want to be as good as her,” he said. “Her love for me makes it easy for me to go the extra mile for her and to love her the way she loves me.”

Amy’s love and zest for the people close to her and for life itself was what Mike instantly noticed. Only after about two months did Mike know that Amy was a person that he could and would want to be with forever. 

Talking to Amy was as easy as breathing. Some of his favorite memories with her were when they would talk long hours into the middle of the night. “It was such a joy to be able to spend time with her, talk to her and get to know her,” Mike said. “She knows so much about everything.”

Now, he loves the time they share going out to eat, meeting up with friends and going to sporting events. Any time that they spend together is magical no matter the activity. 

Although, he never forgets the moment at the Christmas play when it was evident that Amy was the most beautiful woman in the room. At that moment, Mike was aware that Amy was the most beautiful woman in any room. 

Mike is so grateful for the past 3.5 years of marriage together and he can’t wait to be with her for the rest of their lives.

“I want Amy to know how lucky I am to be her husband and how lucky I am to feel her love for me everyday. I wanted to do this story to let Amy know that I will never take her for granted and that everything I do for her is because I enjoy helping her however I can. Amy has made me a more understanding person, a loving person and a passionate person towards others.” – Mike


For the most loving and patient person I have ever met... This story is for my wife of 3.5 years, Amy Bruggeman.

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