It’s time to be nasty

Be Nasty Day is one of the lesser-known holidays that is celebrated on March 8 every year. It’s a day for people to observe the negative and the dark side of human nature.

In our society, the majority of people are very nice and polite to each other. However, some terrible people would take advantage of such politeness and kindness to use them for their own means.

Therefore, today is the time to be nasty. Being friendly all the time is wonderful, but everyone needs to have the courage to say “no” when they want to.

From family members and friends to colleagues, it’s very important to be polite and set up boundaries. Rejecting is very difficult for many people because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

But don’t worry. You could get a perfect excuse to escape from any invitations that you don’t want to accept on this holiday. It’s okay to be nasty and a little bit mean to others.

Additionally, women in today’s society are often viewed as weak and powerless. However, since Hillary Clinton was called “nasty” by her political opponent, the calls from feminist has blown all over the world.

Ever since, women are encouraged to be nasty to hold on and protect their rights and fight for what they believe in.

Today, The Nasty Women has turned into an icon and parts of those interesting memes, appearing in different art books and magazines. The Nasty Women Project also helped the government to pursue gender equality and the basic rights of women.

All in all, we often see nasty people as offensive and unkind. Use today to stick up for those who are always being nasty to others, then take this opportunity to be rude back to them as well.

If you don’t want to be impolite to others, you could also help with the fundraising events of the Nasty Women Movement to have a small celebration on this day.

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