Jamie Was Always “The One” for Andrew

Andrew and Jamie Holmes didn’t let a silly high school breakup deter them from the inevitable. Twenty years later, the couple celebrates tenth wedding anniversary.


The universe has a tendency to correct itself and turn us back on the path we truly belong if we pay attention. If anyone doubts this, they only need to look at the case of high school sweethearts Jamie and Andrew Holmes. When they broke up in 10th grade, they could have wound up like the other 99 percent of relationships that end but the pair found themselves together again one year later and now the couple is celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary on February 9th

In the twenty years since Jamie and Andrew got together for good, they have enjoyed many of the greatest experiences that life has to offer. The high school couple was engaged in February of 2012 and married a year later at Pipers Heath Golf Course. They bought their first house together in Oakville in 2012 before moving to Burlington in 2016, where they’ve made a home with their daughter, Ida, and their two black labs, Barney and Cooper. They’re well-traveled and have experienced so much of what the world has to offer.

Andrew has known that Jamie was “the one” since the very beginning. How could he not? Jamie is the perfect companion in every aspect. She is thoughtful and filled with kindness. She recognizes that true happiness comes from giving and helping others. She leads by example with her work ethic and persistence and holds Andrew accountable for his procrastination. Her external attractiveness is rivaled only by her inner beauty, though she requires reminding of both.

Jamie also practices unrelenting selflessness. She always puts her friends, family and anyone in need before herself. Whether in her job at the hospital or her volunteering with the Special Olympics, she is constantly making a positive difference in the world. 

Her strength and determination was especially on display during her and Andrew’s journey to parenthood. For 7 years Jamie endured physically, mentally, and emotionally, before bringing Ida Hope into the world on March 22, 2022. The loving supermom hasn’t let motherhood slow her down either. While she might not have slept in the last ten months, Jamie remains incredibly outgoing; her and Ida both can be seen smiling and laughing all throughout the day on their adventures. 

No matter how many times Jamie might tease Andrew for crying during movies or commercials, Andrew will always be thankful for his partner in life. Jamie is always willing to do anything for their family. 

That is why he is not just celebrating a date on the calendar on February 9th. He is celebrating Jamie. “For your entire life, you’ve always put others first and you have attracted so many incredible friends into your life as a result,” said Andrew. “On our 20 year anniversary, our ten year wedding anniversary, I am celebrating YOU, the strongest, most resilient, and most courageous person I know. Thank you for your love, for all of the incredible memories and thank you for bringing our daughter into the world.”


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