‘We Are A Reflection Of You’: Natasha is a role model in many ways, and her family loves her for so many great reasons

Born in Jackson, Michigan, to Indian immigrant parents, Natasha Molla has had to overcome a lot of adversity and many obstacles throughout her life.

Luckily, her parents raised Natasha and her sister to be passionate, caring and driven individuals who always have people’s backs. Natasha was raised the right way, and it helped turn her into the amazing, loving, successful woman she is today.

And now, she is passing off her drive and success to her husband and children. She is instilling so many of the same beliefs and values she had growing up into them, and they are all appreciative of this.

“My wife is passionate, dedicated, loyal, driven, loving and empathetic,” John said. “She’s an incredible role model, she’s determined and she’s a life-long learner.”

Her characteristics and personality are all the makings of a truly wonderful woman, and that is why Natasha is such a wonderful woman.

Natasha cares so much about everyone, and she is constantly showing off her utter selflessness. She focuses on putting people first in every facet of life, and that is something that is truly appreciated about her.

Natasha worked hard for 25 years at Chevron, which shows how loyal and dedicated she is. She puts forth maximum effort in everything she does, which is awesome.

This includes her marriage to John, as Natasha does everything to keep their marriage fresh and enjoyable. She has also taught John so many things over the years, and he is grateful for all he gets to learn from his devoted wife.

“She’s taught me patience, practicality, understanding, empathy, love and kindness,” John said. “She’s also taught me to be open to and adapt to change, parenting, and so much more.”

When it comes to parenting, John has had the opportunity to learn firsthand what a true parent and role model looks like. Each and every day, Natasha has made sure her children are the number one priority and that they are supported in every one of their ventures.

Natasha has also made sure to teach her children many invaluable lessons, including many morals and values they take with them to this day.

“Love, patience, passion, wisdom, kindness, empathy, experience, understanding, willingness to change, selflessness and giving are all characteristics Natasha displays on a daily basis with ease and grace,” John said. “It is just who she is, and she displays every day the incredible wife, mom, dog owner, friend, and soon-to-be grandmother that she just is and will continue to be.”

Oh yeah… remember that success we mentioned earlier about Natasha? Being a role model to her kids came to fruition in a big way when it comes to her children’s success.

Cody (26) is a college graduate with a mechanical engineering degree. He is even working on his teaching credential to teach high school math. He has certainly put his degree and his knowledge to good use.

Plus, his first son is due this month.

Jacob (23) is also a college graduate who is preparing for a career in police and corrections. He believes in justice and wants to fight hard for the good of others, just like his mom.

 Noah (19) is a sophomore at Cal Poly Pomona. He is a computer science/engineering major, which is a tough but rewarding field. He will certainly get the opportunity to show off his brains when he graduates.

“They are all very passionate and driven to succeed like their mother,” John said. “She encouraged and nurtured them to always do their best work and to think of others ahead of themselves.”

And they are certainly all doing a great job of that. Her sons learned from the best, as Natasha is a brilliant woman who treats people with nothing but respect and kindness.

“I admire her incredible ability to always put others first,” John said. “And her ability to always reasonably figure out the best course of action in any situation. Even if it might not be the best for her, she is always concerned about what is best for everybody else. Her ability and willingness to adapt and change as life throws curveballs.”

There is no challenge Natasha cannot face, and that should not be surprising considering the family she comes from. She does best in the fact of adversity, and she is herself when she has the opportunity to be there for others.

Natasha is certainly a wonderful, loving individual, and it is no wonder that John has genuinely enjoyed being married to her for almost 30 years already. The future is still bright for them too, and he cannot wait to continue loving her until the end of time.

“Natasha, your love, patience, passion, wisdom, kindness, empathy, experience, understanding, willingness to change, selflessness and giving have taught me and provided me the ability to enjoy success in family, work and play. Everybody you encounter is treated with your gifts and is better because of the person you are. Our family is the great family it is because of you. We are all a reflection of you.” – John

‘We Are A Reflection Of You’: Natasha Molla

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