The invention of telephone has changed the world

On March 7 every year, we celebrate Alexander Graham Bell Day. Bell was a scientist and inventor who is well-known for the invention of the telephone.

Bell was born on March 3, 1847. His father was an influential person who taught and encouraged deaf students to practice communication within the deaf community. His partially deaf mother has also supported Bell to pursue scientific study throughout his entire life.

Because of the growing environment in the deaf community from an early age, Bell chose to go to work to help those deaf students just like his father had done. Eventually, he married a deaf woman who lost her hearing due to a childhood illness.

Bell’s experience of staying with deaf people had inspired him to “transmit vocal or other sounds telegraphically.” This idea led to the invention of the telephone, and Bell also got a chance to be able to make improvements to the telegraph system at that time.

On March 10, 1876, Bell’s assistant Thomas Watson who stayed next door received a “call” and heard clearly from Bell through a transmitter, marking the success of the first telephone call.

In addition to inventing the telephone, Bell was also credited with inventing the metal detector and developing a watercraft called Hydrodome, which set the world marine speed record in 1919.

Therefore, in honor of Bell’s contribution to the science field, he was granted a patent for his invention.

Today, we not only celebrate the remarkable invention from Bell, but also it’s a day for us to recognize anything innovative and creative. 

We can’t imagine how humans would live without the telephone. It was one of the highlights in human history and changed the way we communicate with each other. 

Use today to research and learn more about the technology and history behind the telephone. You could also visit the local telecommunications museum to commemorate Bell’s accomplishments.

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