Taking a Chance: Jason and Kayla Barron took a chance on each other after meeting in an interesting way, and they are glad they did

When Jason Barron gave his number to a cute, flirtatious Texas Roadhouse waitress, he did not think it would lead to anything serious. Now, more than 10 years and two kids later, Jason is grateful he shot his shot during his birthday dinner, and he has not looked back since.

“She is strong… much stronger than I am,” Jason said. “You would never know if Kayla was having a bad day. She is rock solid. She stays even-keel, no matter what.”

Kayla’s outlook on life is always positive, and people do not see her have a bad day too often. A lot of this can be attributed to the love she has for her family, as well as the passion she has at work as a dental hygienist, but her mom would tell you that can all be attributed to one thing in particular.

That one thing? Putting God first in every situation.

“I admire her courage to go after new things and challenges, her parenting with her two children and her commitment to God and church,” Charlene said.

Kayla has never been afraid of a challenge, and that has everything to do with her commitment to her faith. She puts God first in everything, whether she is at work or whether she is working out. She and her husband, Jason, have built a strong foundation in Christ for themselves and their children, and they hope their kids take after this when they grow up.

“Kayla is an amazing mom,” Jason said. “She has a warm heart, a kind soul and she is understanding.”

Kayla and Jason have always set a good example for their two kids, and they have always been there for them. Kayla loves her children more than words can express, and she adores everything about them. Lane is three years old and Evelyn is three months old, and the sacrifices Kayla makes for them are endless.

Kayla would do anything for her children, and cherishes every moment she gets to spend with them. Her kind soul and warm heart makes her a caring mother who tries to get them involved as much as possible.

“She just loves to help people in any way she can,” Jason said.

Her kids are not the only people Kayla is there for, though, as she always shows up for everyone she cares about. She enjoys finding time to spend with her family and friends any chance she gets, especially when it involves traveling or hiking.

Jason loves that his wife is such an involved individual who puts God first in every situation. He knows that she is raising her kids the right way, and he is glad to have someone who holds him accountable in his own walk in faith.

“My wife is my best friend,” Jason said. “I never thought I would meet someone so unbelievably amazing. She is warm, sweet, caring and an amazing mom. But above all, she is the kindest soul I have ever met.”

People’s attitudes automatically change when they are around Kayla, as she can help lighten any mood. She is such a sweet person, and her love, care and compassion shines above all else. Everyone who knows her is thankful for her, and they don’t ever have a bad thing to say about Kayla.

“Kayla, I love you so much. You are a very smart, loving and beautiful young woman. I am so very proud of you, and Dad would say, ‘Love you my Big One Girl.’” – Charlene

“Thank you for taking a chance and texting me that night we met. Meeting you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My life will always be great because of you. Thank you for that.” – Jason

taking a chance

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