Compassionate Passion: In the Heinz household, everything is centered around Shannon’s love and compassion for everyone and everything

If there was one word to describe Shannon Heinz, that word would be passion.

From being an extremely hard worker to a devoted mother to her children, Shannon shows nothing but passion in every area of her life.

“She is an extremely passionate person,” her husband Frank said. “Shannon is also a very hard worker. Between the two of us, we have four boys, but we don’t separate and call them step-kids. Shannon is a very, very patient person, especially with me. She is also a forgiving person. She is everything I look for in a person.”

It took Frank and Shannon a while to find their way to each other. However, they have now been together for the last six-plus years and are getting ready to celebrate their one-year anniversary, and Frank could not be happier. He knows that they are meant to be, and although fate did not bring them together earlier in their lives, they still found one another and are ready to spend the rest of their lives by each other’s side.

When Frank first met Shannon, he realized that she was very independent and had a great work ethic, but more than that she was someone who understood Frank. She was someone that he got along with really well, and she is someone that he knew would always be there for him.

She was also someone who had kids of her own, just like Frank, and when Frank brought his kids around, she treated them as nothing short of her own. She has shown his kids so much love and compassion, and to this day they consider each their own, so the word “step” is not thrown around in the Heinz household.

“Shannon is someone who means a lot to me because she has done so much for our family and she is always there when we need her,” Frank’s son Tristan said. “I can’t put into words how much I appreciate all she has done for me and our family.”

From the day Shannon stepped into their lives, they were changed for the better. She has become a great caretaker and someone who shows Frank’s kids nothing but love and support, and of course she shows the same love and support toward her children as well.

She has been a constant source of comfort, love and support for as long as I can remember,” her son Zach said. “Regardless of what I have or haven’t done or whether or not she approved, my mother has always been there for me. She’s built me up, picked me up, brushed me off and kicked me in the butt. She’s always been my biggest fan, and she’s shown me how to be an awesome parent to my daughter.”

Whether it is Frank’s kids or her kids, they are all treated the same. They are all family in Shannon’s eyes, and that is exactly how it should be.

Not only does Shannon get to always be there for her kids (Tristan, Zach, Cameron and Aiden), but she is a grandmother as well. Zach’s daughter, Olivia, was born last October, and let’s just say that grandmotherhood suits Shannon very well.

“Our grandbaby is the apple of her eye,” Frank said. “They get along so well. She is always there for everybody, but more importantly she is there for the grandbaby. She will watch Olivia when her parents are busy or need a night out, and Shannon just has a way of making things special, especially for the grandbaby.”

When it comes to Shannon, she is always going to be there for the people she cares about, especially her own family. She has a special place in her heart for so many people, and she has a particularly special bond with Olivia.

When it comes to other people, Shannon has a way with them that is also amazing to see. She makes sure that the people around her have everything they need and are always taken care of, and this selflessness is something that so many people around her appreciate way more than she may realize.

“She definitely treats people well,” Frank said. “She’s a great listener. You can tell her something and she is not going to repeat it to anyone else. She’s a quiet person as well.”

Shannon might be a reserved person, but that does not mean she is not bold in heart. Her actions speak way louder than her words, and the fact that she is always looking out for the best interest of others is something that some people might take for granted.

She is also someone who is always willing to give others the benefit of the doubt, as Shannon always wants to see the good in other people. She is an eternal optimist who is constantly looking at the glass as being half full, and this is yet another great personality trait that makes her one-of-a-kind.

“She is always caring for others, willing to help anyone out,” Zach said. “She always sees the best in people. There is nothing she would not do for those she loves. She continually considers the needs of others before thinking of herself, arranging her life to accommodate others. She is well-known for her random care packages, arranged with love.”

Shannon knows what it truly means to put others first and to make the ultimate sacrifice when it is warranted, and her love of others is just one of the many reasons why Frank fell in love with her over six years ago.

Frank also loves watching how excited his wife gets around Christmastime, as she has a huge fondness for decorating and making the season feel special. She also likes to show off her close to 300 nutcrackers every year, and her love of Christmas is yet another showing of how passionate a person she is.

She is also passionate about her marriage, as Frank as well as all the people around this lovely couple recognize this.

“They are both hard workers,” Tristan said. “They truly and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. They make a great team.”

At the end of the day, Frank and Shannon make a great team because of Shannon’s unending love for others and the sacrifices she is willing to make on a daily basis.

Frank is beyond thankful and grateful for her, and he wants her to be reminded on a daily basis that he does not want to ever imagine having to go throughout life without his amazing sidekick next to him every day.

“I want to remind her how much she is appreciated, loved and adored by all of our family.” – Frank


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