‘Heart of Gold’: Trish Baizer is such a caring and loving person who is always looking out for the needs of others

If you had to describe Trish Baizer in just one word, that word would be “love.” Everything she does is in love, from taking care of her parents and children, to being a compassionate friend to all those around her. She also loves everything she does, from her hobbies to her job, to everything in between.

“I admire her persistence and resilience,” Trish’s husband, Matthew, said. “She was an adoring daughter and the caretaker for years for both her ailing parents. Trish never lacked the energy to help them or show them love, even after working her own job every day and taking care of her family. The boundless energy and helpfulness that never wanes is quite the admirable quality and one that quite frankly reminds us that we have taken her incredible contributions to each of our lives for granted for far too long.”

Trish has always been there for her family, and after all the years they spent raising her, she returned the favor to her parents in their later years, helping to take care of them in their final years. She did all this while raising a family of three children with Matthew. Her dedication has always stuck out to Matthew, and he is super appreciative of how she has always been there for the kids.

“She’s definitely the better parent of the two of us, always putting herself in a position where she can remember her days as a youth and relate them to our children’s needs,” Matthew said. “Our kids have been supported and taught well by their mother who is the rock that holds our family together.”

Everything Trish has done in her life she has done with her family’s best interest in mind, and she would do anything for her children. She has taught them endless life lessons along the way, and the way she was there for her parents all those years has left a lasting impression on her three grown children.

Even with all three of them being grown up and starting to leave the house, she still shows them an everlasting love, and she is always finding ways to give back. She is a habitual volunteer, and she loves to foster animals, always looking out for others, whether it is a human or has fur.

“After her kids were grown, Trish decided to start a 2nd career as a school teacher,” Matthew said. “Even then she chose the more challenging and rewarding path where she can have the highest impact, as she teaches fifth grade at a school where the majority of the class is at-risk youth.”

Trish always wants to give back, and her husband said she has a true heart of gold. She is always doing things for others and is constantly going out and about in the community, making sure everyone is taken care of.

Trish also loves to decorate for the seasons and travel and explore new cultures with Matthew, and he is grateful for the love and support he sees his wife exude daily. He loves her more than anything, and he could not be happier for the last 27-plus years with her by his side.

“I wanted to let her know I don’t thank her enough for all the little things she does,” Matthew said. “This family would never have gotten to the point it is without her. We truly appreciate all she does for all of us and still preserves the time and energy to help anyone she comes across that needs a helping hand. We love her so much and can’t imagine what our lives would have been like without her.”heart of gold

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