‘Our Rock’: Heidi Baez has no shortage of love to go around for her family and everyone in between

Heidi Baez might be just about the most selfless and loving individual you will ever meet.

From being a wife and mom of four, to being a high school English teacher and forensics coach, to fostering animals and spending time with family, everything she does is to benefit others. She is always around people, and she loves helping people grow in every aspect of life.

“Heidi is extremely selfless and does whatever she can to help others, including fostering animals and donating to charities whenever possible,” her husband, Alex, said. “Heidi loves to make memories with her family and put a great deal of detail in planning trips to make sure that everyone has a great time even when that means she does things she doesn’t like to do.”

Heidi is always willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of other people, and she is highly appreciated for that. She has so many things on her plate, but she is always willing to add more if she believes in the cause and if she knows it will help other people.

“My wife is an amazing person,” Alex said. “She puts everyone, and I mean everyone, before herself, and she deserves recognition for all the amazing things she does for our family on a daily basis.“

Heidi’s love for her family in particular is far and away the most love Alex has ever seen someone exude, and he falls more and more in love with his wife every day because of this.

Raising four kids is not easy, especially when they are all under the age of eight, but Heidi never makes excuses. She never puts anything above her children, and even though she spends all day teaching students, she spends her nights teaching her children as well. The teaching moments just never stop.

“Heidi is very patient with the kids and does a great job making sure that we are constantly making new memories and not just focusing on material things,” Alex said. “Creating memories and doing things as a family is very important to her.”

Being there for the kids no matter what and doing what is best for them is what she always makes a priority. Spending that quality time with her family of six is what is most important to her, and it is something that Alex will never take for granted. He sees the love his wife has for their children, and he knows he could not ask for a better wife or mother.

“Our favorite memories are the memories we make every day raising our kids and growing old together,” Alex said.

Any time Alex gets to spend with his kids is time well spent, and he would not trade it for the world.

Heidi means everything to him, and Alex is glad he gets to spend a lifetime with her by his side.

“I just want Heidi to know that we love her so much and that she is the rock of our family. I want her to know that all the things she does for us do not go unnoticed and that she means everything to us. We cannot thank her enough for making us a priority even with work and all the other things going on in her life.”our rock

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