‘She’s a Keeper’: Katie Albertson makes the best meatloaf and chocolate chip cookies, but her best attributes come from outside the kitchen

The timing for Gene and Katie Albertson could not have been more perfect when they first met. Katie decided that after she went out with Gene, she would swear off using Match.com after having no luck on the dating site, and Gene had just joined the site right before they were matched up. They went to a pub in Phoenix – where she outdrank him – and the rest is history.

“Katie is a great wife and mother,” Gene said. “She always thinks of others first; she’s funny, adventurous and a big time planner. She works with many special needs kids and has a very positive attitude… unless the Bears lose.”

Katie is a very special person. She is always positive, and she works with many junior high students who are deaf and hard of hearing, and Gene could not be more proud of his wife. It takes someone with a certain personality to work in the field she does, and that is the exact personality Katie has.

She is also a great mom, and she takes extra special care of her son and daughter, Kameron and Kylar. She is always there for them, and she picks up extra slack during football season when Gene is coaching the high school football team, and he realizes he could not do it without her.

“She always puts her kids’ needs first,” Gene said. “Katie is always trying to find engaging and fun activities for kids, from flag football to viewing Christmas lights. She packs their lunches each morning, sometimes with special notes on a banana. They are out the door by 7 am sharp to drop the kids off in order to arrive on time for her first meeting of the day.”

Kameron and Kylar are always taken care of every single day. Katie makes sure of this, and she has a distinct ability to make them feel loved no matter what.

“I truly admire her ability to multitask,” Gene said. “Katie’s chocolate chip cookies are the best in town and she makes a killer meatloaf. She’s the best mom and wife on the planet.”

Katie not only takes care of her family by making sure they are always enjoying life and showing up wherever they need to be on time, but she also makes sure they are fed well. Her meals and desserts stand with the best of them, and her family loves her cooking.

Gene is happy he gets to spend a lifetime with the love of his life, and he cannot wait to see what the future holds.

“She is my one, my only, my everything,” Gene said. “I would be lost in this world without her. She is the backbone to our family; the glue that holds it together. She tells me when I’m right, more often though when I’m wrong and holds me accountable. She makes me a better person and always looks for the positive in any situation.”

Gene and Katie have already made a lifetime of memories together, from scaling apartment balconies and kicking down doors, to taking many road trips to a multitude of states. No matter what they do, they do it together, and they support one another. They try to be the best role models they can for their young children, and they certainly are.

“Katie, I just want you to know that I have loved you and will always love you from the bottom of my heart,” Gene said. “I am a better person because of you and can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. You truly are the best wife, mom and daughter anyone could ever hope to have. My children and I are truly blessed.”

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