“The rock of our family” – Nicole Farris

Nicole Farris is an amazing wife and mom who does everything she can for her family. 

Her husband, Tyler, said she is incredibly caring and always there for her seven children, Bryanna, Kaylee, Aydan, Kayden, Emerson, Konner and Tyler. 

“Nicole is truly the most amazing person I have ever known,” Tyler said. “She has the most love of any mother I have ever met.”

Her love of taking care of others extends to her job she as a teacher at a local school. She cares about every one of her students and works tirelessly to meet each of their individual needs.  

“She loves her job and does it amazingly,” Tyler said, adding, “She was born to be a teacher and it’s inspiring to watch her positive influence on all of her students’ lives.”

The couple went to high school together, but they didn’t date or even really talk to each other. Luckily, Tyler said, they met up later in life and “have an abundance of joy and children and couldn’t ask for anything better in our life.”

Tyler said Nicole was absolutely gorgeous the first night they went out together and he fell for her beautiful blue eyes. She went with Tyler to see a group of his friends and he grabbed her and pulled her close and her words were, “You knew then.” 

“I was protective of her which I had never felt before,” Tyler said. “She was a once in a lifetime kind of girl and am thankful she felt the same.”

They enjoy date nights, movies and just being with each other because they are best friends. They have made so many incredible memories together that they will never forget. 

Tyler laughs when he thinks about the night they got home from McDonald’s and found an opossum in their bush. Nicole waited in the car as he got out and chased it away. After it was gone, he went behind the bush and jumped out and scared her.

Nicole is an adventurous woman who lives to help not only her family, but others in need.

“She is amazing with her sacrifice and how hard she works,” Tyler said. “She is just an absolutely beautiful person, inside and out. She is sweet, caring, humble, and loving. Nicole is the rock of our family.”

Nicole loves to exercise and pushes Tyler to do the same and be the best version of himself. 

Tyler said Nicole looks amazing all the time and she is fun-loving with a contagious laugh. He added that she is completely unselfish and would do anything to help someone in need. 

“Nicole is my best friend and that is the greatest thing,” Tyler said. “I love her with all my heart, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her.”

“The rock of our family” - Nicole Farris

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