The Big Surprise: The Straiters have a big surprise on the way and they can’t wait for everyone to know it

Kate Straiter. Selfless mother. Amazing wife.

Kate is truly the most amazing woman that her husband, Nick, has ever met, and he could not imagine life without her.

She has done such an awesome job of raising their two young sons, and he knows that they are in great hands. If they turn out even remotely like their mother, then Nick knows he has nothing to worry about.

“Kate Straiter is the rock of our family,” he said. “She is the most caring and loving woman on the planet. She puts her two sons, Wesley (4) and Graham (3), and me first. Kate is a stay-at-home mom that personifies being the leader of the family. We appreciate everything she does for the family, and I probably take it for granted – she cooks every meal, pays bills, takes kids to school and so much more.”

Nick knows that he could not do it on his own, and he is glad he does not have to.

He knew how big his wife’s heart was when he first found out she was an autism therapist, and he has only seen her heart grow bigger and bigger each day.

She has turned into such an awesome mother, and Kate continues to amaze her husband every single day.

She is the best role model for their two boys, and Nick knows they are learning from the best.

“Kate is the most caring, loving, selfless person on the planet. The biggest compliment I can give her is the way she raises our boys. Every person comments on how kind and sweet and polite they are. That comes from Kate. She instills great morals and values. She’s truly our rock.”

Kate is clearly doing something right, and Nick admires her every single day for all that she does for the boys. They are her top priority, and Nick knows she is the most loving mother they could ever ask for.

“I love that she’s the best mom to the boys, and I’m excited for her to experience the new momma/baby phase. That’s where she shines. She always puts us boys ahead of any of her needs. We truly appreciate that. There’s no words for it.”

Kate is already a great mother of two boys, and now they have a third child (a girl named Elle) on the way… surprise!

After struggles with getting pregnant in the past, Nick and Kate started planning for other options. All of a sudden, they got pregnant and have baby girl on the way!

“Honestly, the most memorable story with my wife has got to be this past December,” Nick said. “We were planning on doing IVF to have our third kid. We were starting the planning process, as we were pretty much told we can’t conceive naturally. Well, I guess you make plans and God laughs. It turns out Kate got pregnant naturally. Graham’s pregnancy wasn’t the best – we weren’t ready – and I want her to know this one is going to be special and we will make new memories as a family.“

There is no one more deserving to have another child than Kate, and the Straiters’ patience has paid off. Congratulations guys!the big surprise

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