“She is absolutely beautiful and the love of my life”

Kaley Huybregts is a wonderful caring person who would do anything to help her family or friends.

Her fiancé, Matt Moran, said Kaley is not only kind-hearted, she is also very passionate about everything she does, including working at her job in corrections.  

“Kaley is a very hard worker, and she is the kindest, sweetest, cutest, most gentle person I’ve ever met,” Matt said. “She never has a bad word about anyone.”

Matt said he knew Kaley’s parents for a long time without realizing they had two daughters. He was doing some excavation work at her parents’ new house when he discovered that they had a beautiful blonde daughter named Kaley. 

He said he saw her out in public a few times after that but had never made a move until he waved at her on Facebook at 4 a.m. after a long night of drinking. Luckily, Kaley responded well to the wave, and they ended up chatting online and texting back and forth for a while, which led to a date.

“I was super excited for our first date when she came over to my place during Covid and we watched ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,’” Matt said. “I will always remember how beautiful she looked that day. I didn’t want the night to end.”

When the couple shared their first kiss, Matt said he was very nervous, but it was an amazing moment. “I think she may have kissed me first,” he admitted. 

The weekend after that first kiss, they got together for ribs at Matt’s parents’ house. She met the family that day and they loved her! Matthew said he knew she was “the one.”

The couple are engaged and have been together almost three years. Matt said he can barely contain his excitement for their wedding day and for their lives together as husband and wife. They have planned a special wedding taking place in the yard where their new house will be built.

“I can’t wait until our wedding on September 16th,” Matt said. “I have enjoyed every minute we spend together and look forward to making new memories.”

When Kaley is not working at her job in corrections, she enjoys shopping, taking walks, going skiing,  skating, hanging out with her friends, movies and going out for supper. She and Matt like going on weekend motorcycle rides, eating out, bonfires in the bush in the winter months, and traveling. 

Their travels have led to some great memories, including a last-minute trip to Nashville, Tennessee and a weekend bike ride to Lake Placid. Matt also said he can never forget their ride and hike up to the top of Whiteface Mountain. 

“I think the funniest time is when we went out to eat in Quebec City,” Matt said with a laugh. “I was being an idiot going in circles in a revolving door at a steakhouse only to get chased down by the manager who saw me because I forgot my wallet.”

Kaley planned a surprise trip to Mexico for Matt’s 30th birthday, but a week before his birthday, he broke his right ankle playing hockey, so the trip had to be canceled. The next two months she worked from home, took care of him and drove him around. 

Kaley was able to rebook the trip and they went the first week of February. However, the room she booked was unavailable, so they were upgraded to the five-star resort next door. 

“I felt bad ruining her surprise trip, but her only concern was making sure I was ok,” Matt said. “The trip was worth the wait. It’s better than either of us could imagine.” 

Although she has a lot going on in her life, family will always be the most important thing to Kaley. She still enjoys spending time with her parents, Gerry and Julie and her sister, Danika. Matt said she is an amazing auntie Kaley to Danika’s boyfriend Ben’s children, Sophie and Grayson. 

Her parents are very nurturing, and Kaley has inherited all of their wonderful qualities. Kaley is just like her mother in that she cares for other people more than herself, Matt said.

Matt knows how blessed he is to have someone as amazing as Kaley in his life. He said that she genuinely makes him a better person. 

“She is so incredibly kind, funny, sweet, warm and snuggly,” Matt said with a smile. “She is absolutely gorgeous, and the love of my life. I truly believe we were made for each other. Kaley, I love you more than I could ever describe.” 

Kaley Huybregts - “She is absolutely beautiful"

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