‘A Living Miracle’: After what Ellen has been through, it is amazing to see her being able to live the life she does today

“We have to give away what we have in order to keep it, so we try to help as many people as we can to get where we are.”

This is what Pat Pascucci said about he and his wife Ellen.

Both of them have been clean for over 20 years, and now that they have seen the other side of things, they would not want to go back. Nor do they want to see others struggle with the same things they did.

That’s why it is amazing to see how helpful and encouraging this couple is on a daily basis. All they want to do is help people and be there for others.

And for Pat, all he wants to do is be there for Ellen as well. He loves her so much and knows there is so much about her that is truly remarkable, and he loves getting to call this extraordinary woman his wife.

“I admire her beauty, courage, resilience, how loving and caring she is, the fact that she is an awesome cook, her personality, her sense of humor and her quirkiness,” Pat said.

There is so much to love about Ellen, but one thing that stands above the rest is her fight and her perseverance.

Back in 2020, Ellen was diagnosed with liver failure. The doctors did not give her much hope and knew that she needed a whole liver as quickly as possible.

Well, push comes to shove and right as things truly took a turn for the worse a year later, they got the call that there was a whole liver that was ready to be transplanted. Because of this, Pat calls his wife a walking miracle, and she has a new life.

“Some things that stand out about Ellen are the rebound from her transplant and our ability to once again travel,” Pat said. “We kid her about being five percent Puerto Rican.”

Because she is a truly amazing woman, there is a lot of fight in Ellen. She never completely gave up hope, and that is why she is standing here today.

Ellen also recently retired after 31 years at Curtis High School, paving the way for spending more time with Pat and their dogs – Maggie and Jude.

And as if she was not already using her journey for good, she is definitely doing that even more now. She does not take her life for granted, and she is an advocate for people all around her.

“She shows encouragement, is an inspiration and leads by example,” Pat said. “Plus she puts up with me.”

Ellen is special and Ellen is a role model to many, including her daughter. She loves life and lives it to the fullest, and she is someone who is selfless and always there for others.

“I couldn’t fathom going on without you. Miracles happen.” – Pat

‘A Living Miracle’: Ellen Pascucci

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