‘She’s Beautiful’: There’s so much to love about the woman that is Kara Thomas

The next time you are out in public and see an acquaintance from high school, do not be afraid to start a conversation. You may just find true love, like Kara and Ross Thomas did.

Ross and Kara met in high school but never really connected. Later, in 2010, they recognized each other while in line for the post office and started talking. Over a dozen years and two incredible children later, they haven’t stopped.

“I want Kara,” Ross said. “All of her. On her good days and bad days.”

Ross’s affection for Kara is understandable. Kara is an amazing daughter, sibling, wife, and mother. She is tender and compassionate to those fortunate enough to have her in their life.

“Those are some of my favorite qualities about Kara – she is a loving and caring person,” Ross said. “She is also a hard worker, who is very creative and artistically gifted.”

Kara is one of four girls born to Richard and Yvette Hillebrand, alongside sisters Kristen, Kaitlin, and Kasey.

Kara started her life in McAllen, Texas, but then moved to Lewisville, Texas. She is the mother of a nine-year-old son, Ethan, and six-year-old daughter, Emma.

“She always puts the kids first,” said Ross. “She is a wonderful mother, and she is the glue that holds the family together.”

In addition to her relationships and responsibilities with her family, Kara has a job working for a social media marketing group. As expected, her imagination and artistic ability shine in this role.

In her free time, Kara likes to sit down with a good book or use her innovation and eye for beauty to create magnificent wreaths. She also enjoys going to church and spending time with Ethan, Emma, the extended family, and, of course, her husband Ross.

“I love to watch movies with her, go to wineries with her, and go to the casino with her,” said Ross. “Whatever it is we’re doing, I love the way we look at each other like there is no one else in the room.”

The passion and feelings that Kara and Ross have for each other go all the way back to their first date In December 2010. Ross and Kara took a trip to the gym and then shared a meal at Applebee’s.

While at the gym, Ross admits now that he risked injury while lifting and went above his usual weights. “I was doing way too much to try and impress her,” said Ross.

Kara and Ross quickly became life-long partners. He handed Kara a ring and the couple were soon married. She supported Ross as he finished his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.

“I knew Kara was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with because of the way she pursued me and was my number one supporter,” Ross said of his wife of 10 years. “She never lets me give up.”

Even now, over a decade later, Kara makes sacrifices to ensure Ross can do what he needs for the family to be successful. For example, while Ross is traveling, Kara gladly steps in and takes care of parenting and other duties at home. “I so appreciate how she holds down the fort,” Ross said.

The appreciation that Ross has for Kara is not always presented the best. Ross still remembers the first Christmas that he and Kara spent together where he almost embarrassed himself with a less-than-stellar gift.

“I got her a neck wrap to help her relax,” Ross said. “I was really talking it up that I got her an amazing gift and that she was going to love it.”

Ross was so excited that he had Kara open her gift first.

“She enjoyed it,” said Ross, “but then I opened her gift, and it was a box suite to the Dallas Mavericks game. I panicked because I knew her gift was way better than mine.”

In a moment of fear, Ross shouted out, “I also got you a trip to San Antonio!”

In a hilarious turn of events, the trip the couple then took to San Antonio turned out to be one of the best vacations they have ever had together.

Ross knows he hit the jackpot with a woman who loves him for who he is. This Valentine’s Day, Ross looks back with gratitude at how the conversation at the post office turned out.

“I admire so much about Kara,” said Ross. “Her beauty, her tenacity, and how loving she is – I want to be who she comes home and buries herself into. I love her so much.”


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