‘Our MVP’: Heather is a life-changing person who deserves to be celebrated for such

Heather and Josh make a great team. They are high school baseball coaches together, and more importantly they are a great husband and wife team who make for a great parenting duo.

And if you ask Josh, he will tell you it is all his wife’s doing. Heather is an exceptional woman with a lot to offer, and there are endless amazing things Josh will tell you about her. There are so many qualities about his wife in which he absolutely loves, and he mentioned a few of his favorites, which are definitely some solid picks.

“She loves unconditionally and vigorously.

“She attends all of her boys’ events.

“She supports endlessly.

“She is always improving herself and encouraging her family to do the same.

“She has claimed a new son without hesitation (foster situation turned permanent).

“She is a woman of honor and perseverance.

“She is highly involved with her school and community.

“She is incredibly selfless.”

There is so much to be said about all of this. Heather is constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of others, and she is definitely a friend you want in your corner. She is reliable, friendly, hardworking and so much more, and her family and friends appreciate everything about her.

Heather is a ninth grade English teacher who is also the mother of two, as her heart for kids is simply sensational. She has a heart for others, and she would do anything for the good of her students.

And more than that, Heather would do anything for the good of her boys. She and Josh have two sons, and Heather makes them both her top priority. She supports them in everything and shows up to all their events, and she is a steadfast in their lives.

“She attends everything for the boys,” Josh said. “She is always coming up with another ‘idea’ to help them or make something better. She loves them individually and gives of herself to them constantly. She is a loving defender of the boys, all while pushing them to be excellent. She cooks consistently and finds enjoyment in challenging our family to have a better and more complete diet.”

Heather has a true mama bear mentality, and this bodes well for both Owen (9) and Lukas (16). She makes sure they have everything they need, and they both know they can count on Mom to be there for them in any situation.

“Our mom means lots because she takes care of us by helping us get better,” Owen said. “Mom cares about helping us be our best in everything we do.”

Heather is also a role model in so many ways to both boys. She is a role model for what a true mother’s heart looks like, and this rings especially true when it comes to the story of how Lukas came into the family.

“Lukas is on the high school baseball team that I coach, and he was in a situation where he needed a place to live,” Josh said. “Heather willingly encouraged me to offer him a place to live, and Lukas has been a wonderful addition to our family. He will be our son forever.”

“She means the world to me and I can’t imagine a day without her representing our family and being my mom,” Lukas added.

Not only will he be their son forever, but Lukas will always be the best big brother to Owen. Owen and Lukas have formulated a strong bond and a great relationship, and Josh is thankful for this.

Josh is also thankful for the amazing person his wife is overall. She might be a great mother, but she is so much more than that. Her personality is second to none, and he appreciates everything about her.

“Heather is dedicated, passionate, involved and ever-changing for the sake of improvement,” Josh said.

He said he has learned so much from her over the years, and that he is a much better person because of Heather. She is an MVP wife and he feels he would be lost without her. She makes life infinitely better, and Josh is thankful for all she has done for him since entering his life.

“Heather has been my lobster since the beginning,” Josh said. “We were probably too young the first time or two that we dated, but we have grown and changed an incredible amount in the last 20-plus years. I could not imagine spending even a second with someone other than her. There is literally just not one person that compares. We serve a lot of other people and students, but at the end of the day she has always been my teammate and she will always be.”

The Winn family is a strong family unit, and it is all because of Heather. She means the world to Josh, Lukas and Owen, and they are truly grateful for her.

“Lukas, Owen and I would not be who we are today without her. She is the rock that has helped to fashion us into the humans that we have become. She is not a perfect person, but she is perfect for us. She makes us better. She is the MVP of our team, and we love her.” – Josh

‘Our MVP’: Heather Winn

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