One ‘Extraordinary’ Woman: It is no wonder why Marc loves his wife as much as he does

If you ask anyone about Karen Desgraves, they will tell you she is a smart, confident woman and skilled nurse who is also very caring and loving.

When Karen and her husband Marc packed up and moved from Denver to Hawaii, it was a huge leap of faith for Karen. It was something that was out of her comfort zone, but it also showed the trust she has in the people she cares for the most. She knew it was what was best for her family, and Marc is grateful for her taking that step in their life.

“She is not afraid to step out by faith and do big things,” her mom Peggy exclaimed. “She will drive anywhere in the city, and has probably been there before as a home health care nurse. She is courageous and bold. She is beautiful and has gorgeous hair! She is goal-oriented, and she is not afraid to ask for help when needed.”

Karen is just an amazing woman. She truly cares about others, and she is someone that people love relying upon, especially her patients, as Karen has gone out of her way countless times to take care of and do stuff for her patients. Heck, her patients even all speak highly of Karen and seek her out when they are in the hospital.

One of the other people who relies upon Karen is her husband, as he knows he would not be the man and father he is today without Karen’s support.

“She has been almost angel-like in terms of really helping me transform my life personally,” Marc said. “I think having a lot of grace, love and patience has helped. She really helped me understand how flawed I was in a lot of my thinking and a lot of my behavior. She’s been a great transformational artist. She’s made me become a better person and learn how to pay attention to the things that matter most… And that’s family and real love.”

Family is the number one priority for Karen and it always has been. This rings especially true when it comes to her three children – Jack (22), Max (21) and Olivia (17) whom she raised as a single mother while putting herself through nursing school. 

There is nothing Karen would not do for them, and she has a true mama bear mentality.

“She is extremely focused on putting them first,” Marc said. “It’s remarkable to watch her drive, determination and attention to detail and focus on spending the time with the children despite them getting older. Karen does a great job prioritizing them. She also has a good balance of tough love. But also making sure that she’s available.”

Karen is an ever-present mother, and that is amazing.

What is also amazing is the fact that she is always available, like Marc said. She is not just available to her kids either. Karen is also available to all the people who mean the most to her as well.

“To me, Karen means I’m never alone,” her cousin Becky said. “Whether we agree about something or not, Karen will cry if I’m crying, worry if I’m worried and laugh when I’m laughing. Karen is family and we’ve grown up together, but more importantly she’s my dear friend.”

Karen is reliable and a truly comforting friend. She is cherished, loved and appreciated by so many, and it is easy to see why people are grateful for Karen’s presence.

“Karen means the world to me, and our friendship is something I cherish to the ends of the earth,” her good friend Jessica said. “I feel blessed to call her my best friend, and my life is forever changed for the better because she is in it.”

With Karen, life is infinitely greater. Her husband knows it, her kids know it, her mom knows it and her friends know it.

Karen is a truly irreplaceable soul and is someone who is worthy of being celebrated each and every day, and Marc hopes he can do just that.

“I’ll always wrap you in security, protection and love in my heart, mind and vision!” – Marc

One ‘Extraordinary’ Woman: Karen Desgraves

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