‘Incredible Woman’: Ruth Anne has three generations of descendants who speak very highly of her, and rightfully so

It’s one thing to be able to look up to your mom. But when you can look up to your grandma too, that is special.

That is exactly how Ruth Anne Frey’s grandchildren feel about her. She is a great role model who they all love and admire, and their appreciation for her runs far and wide.

Retired now, Ruth Anne was a seamstress who ran her own small business at one point. In fact, at the swift age of 75, she still sews for select clients, which is something her family admires about her. They know that Ruth Anne spent her entire career building up relationships, and some of those relationships are clearly very important to her.

The relationships she has with each of her family members is also very important to Ruth Anne. She loves her family and would do anything for them, and she shows this day in and day out.

“Grandma is an incredible woman,” Serena, one of her eight grandchildren, said. “She is the rock of our family. She’s always there when you need her.”

Whether Ruth Anne is on vacation or camping with her family, or whether she is spending time with her husband, two dogs, four children, eight grandchildren and/or four great grandchildren, she just loves being around family. She loves being there for them and she loves spending ample time with them all.

Ruth Anne also has a great personality on top of being a great family woman. People all around her are drawn to her because she is easy to get along with and because she treats others right.

“My favorite qualities about Grandma are her humor, her kindness, her selflessness, and her laugh,” Serena said. “She is always laughing! What makes Grandma special is her ability to make each person in the family feel special and loved.”

When it comes down to it, Ruth Anne’s family is her only true priority. As much as she cares about her friends and other people, she will always drop whatever it is she is doing to be there for her family. She loves them all so much, and with a big family there is definitely a lot of love to go around.

“Ruth Anne is always supportive to everyone in her family,” Serena said. “She never hesitates to babysit when asked. If anyone ever needs a piece of clothing fixed or something altered, she always lends a hand. The family often seeks her keen eye for decorating and styling.”

For Brenda (57), Michelle (56), Lisa (54) and Brian (50), they will always need their mother. They all know they can count on her for anything, and none of them are ever afraid to admit when they need their Mama’s help.

For Melissa (33), Brinton (29), James (29), Kirstie (26), Samantha (25), Serena (23), Ashley (23) and Grace (16), Grandma will always be one of their biggest supporters in life. They have always known she would be there for their events, as well as all of life’s highs and lows.

And for Cayden (8), Charlotte (2), Levi (2) and Paityn (1), their great grandma will always be the one to spoil them. They love her so much, and she loves them more than anything.

“Grandma is always there for you,” Kirstie said. “She will drop everything she’s doing to help her family. Grandma is so helpful and knowledgeable. Without her I wouldn’t know over half the things I’ve learned to this day.”

“I could not have wished for a better Mom,” Michelle added. “She is always there for us no matter what we need, or will even just be an ear to listen. She has always put family first. She has shown us how to be strong and do things ourselves and not have to rely on someone to do it for us.”

Ruth Anne’s independence and strong will is something that her family appreciates about her as well. She has always had a knack for taking care of herself, and this is truly special.

“I admire how much she prioritizes her health,” Lisa said. “She is 75 and in excellent health. She is on no medication and continues to stay active.”

Ruth Anne makes the most of her life by keeping herself active. She spends lots of time with family and she loves to get out and garden. She enjoys life and makes the lives of those around her better too.

There is no question that Ruth Anne is an amazing person with an amazing personality. All her family and friends appreciate her and are thankful for her, and they are truly glad to have her in their lives.

“Grandma, you are so loved and appreciated! You are loyal to us and to everyone around you. Keep being you!” – Serena

‘Incredible Woman’: Ruth Anne Frey

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