The Best Mom and Wife in the World: How Monique Tolliver Changed Randall JnBaptiste’s Life Forever

When Monique Tolliver was born in Fayetteville, NC, to Andrea Williams she had no idea that her first date with the love of her life would be at TGI Fridays on August 26th, 2012. After being set up by a mutual friend, her future husband Randall JnBaptiste knew that she was the one before the date was over as their love began to blossom.

“After our first conversation I knew she was the one,” said Randall. “She was driven and had a good head on her shoulders.”

Monique is known as a very hard-working person, especially in her work as a CNA. Her work ethic is so inspirational that she pushes Randall to new levels all the time just by being herself. Monique is able to balance this work with a wonderful life she and Randall have built together. 

One of their best memories together is when Randall first introduced Monique to Rose Marie. Rose Marie is now 10 years old and they loved her so much that they had a child together named Jackson. Jackson is now 3 years old and Monique is three months pregnant so Randall and his children will benefit from her maternal qualities for many more years to come.

“She will take care of everyone at the drop of a dime,” said Randall. “She’s very caring for people, very family oriented and loves taking family trips.”

Their first family trip was to the magnificent Poconos Mountains. Randall and Monique can enjoy time together whether it’s somewhere exotic or on the couch watching their favorite show “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

Randall loves her smile and charisma, which has shone through during the entirety of their love. It even shone through when Monique was scared learning how to drive stick. Everyone may love Monique’s personality, but Randall also loves how she falls asleep on his chest.

Ever since their first date at TGIF in August of 2012 Monique has changed Randall’s life in ways he never could have imagined. “I would not be where I’m at without you,” said Randall.

“I am so blessed that God put us in each other’s paths.”

The love of Monique Tolliver and Randall JnBaptiste became official on September 3rd, 2012 and over a decade later on February 14th, 2023 Randall is reaffirming that love once again as it will be for many more years to come.


The Best Mom & Wife in the World: Monique Tolliver

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