‘Supportive & Understanding’: Amy Smith is Ron’s soulmate and the one person he could not imagine life without

Ron Smith has a lot to say about his wife Amy.

“She’s the love of my life. I’m proud of her. I couldn’t live without her. I also love how she loves her family.”

And yet, this is merely just scratching the surface when it comes to what an amazing woman Amy is. She is one of a kind and irreplaceable, and she also has a heart of gold.

On top of this, Amy is also “beautiful, loving, caring, supportive, successful and intelligent,” according to Ron.

Amy is a gorgeous woman who makes Ron smile every time she walks into the room. He loves getting to look at her in the loving way a husband gets to look at their wife each and every day.

Amy is also loving and caring toward her family, friends and everyone in between. She would do anything for anyone, and her selflessness goes a long way in creating the friendships she has, as well as the bond she has with different family members.

Amy is a very successful and intelligent woman as well. As a CPA, she is meticulous in her ways and she works hard day in and day out, and Ron is so proud of the working woman his wife is.

“She is hardworking, dedicated, intelligent, professional and a problem solver,” Ron said.

In a professional sense, Amy is everything a man ever dreams of in their wife. She puts forth 100 percent effort every single day, and she is constantly making strides at work.

On the homefront, Amy is everything a man could ever dream of when it comes to a supportive and amazing wife. She is his bedrock and the one who always has his back, and Ron knows he can count on Amy consistently.

Their kids also know they can count on Amy each and every day. Brian, Marcus, Gabrielle and Ronnie III love their mom so much, and they look up to her. She is a role model to them in every sense of the word, and she is also their comforter and provider.

“Amy is a caring mother, always leading by example,” Ron said. “She is giving of everything she has.”

This fact does not just ring true with her kids either. Amy gives so much to her husband, family and friends, and she expects nothing in return. She is an everlasting presence who genuinely cares about everyone, and without her so many people would be lost.

Ron and the kids want Amy to remember just how much they appreciate her and how much they cherish her. She is their steadfast and she is their everything.

“I couldn’t live without her love.” – Ron

‘Supportive & Understanding’: Amy Smith

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