A Caring Mother: Melinda is such a selfless individual, and her family cannot reiterate that enough

Melinda York is such an amazing individual.

To her husband, she is the most amazing, loving, caring, adoring wife in the world. To her kids, she is the most thoughtful, compassionate, hardworking mother in the world. To her grandchildren, she is the most adoring, fun-loving, over-spoiling grandmother in the world.

While she may mean something a little different to each individual, one thing is for certain, and that is that Melinda is the most forgiving and heartfelt person ever, and she would do anything for anyone.

When it comes to her kids in particular, Melinda is always astonished by everything they have accomplished. Any time they are successful at something, she is their number one supporter, telling them how proud she is of what they have done.

“She’s very proud of her children,” her husband David said. “Their degrees, their families. Personally, I know she is the one who has given them the foundation for who they are.”

Everything her kids have ever known and everything they stand for is because of who Melinda taught them to be. She taught her children to be strong, independent men and women who always look out for each other.

“My mom to me has been the foundation of our family’s life,” her son Will said. “She has always been a hardworking role model for us since we were in grade school. Mom is definitely one who will do anything for anyone. She is for sure one to give you her last dollar or her shirt off her own back.”

Melinda is such a selfless individual, and she has always been a great example of this to her three kids. They have always looked up to her as a role model, as she is someone who treats people with respect and love, and she is always making sure that she is there for people when they need it most.

At the same time, Melinda has taught her kids the importance of individuality, and they have learned that trait well. They have all learned to be their own individual selves, and that is part of what makes them all such great men and women today.

“I have learned how to be myself,” her daughter Mary said. “She has taught me how to love unconditionally and to not waste my energy on anything other than just being happy! She has taught me how to believe more in myself in everything that I do. The main thing she has taught me is that no matter how old we get we will always need our mom.”

It does not matter if it is an hour long call or a 30-second call, as long as the kids hear their mom’s voice, they are brought about comfort for the rest of the day.

Melinda has also shown them how to have an optimistic outlook on life as well. She is an extremely happy, joyful soul who sees the good in everything, and she is always living her best life.

Melinda is also always putting forth maximum effort, and she has taught her children to always strive to be their best.

“My mother has always been a hard worker,” her daughter Jamie said. “She taught me if you want something in life, you have to work for it! Growing up we did not have a lot, but had what we needed due to my mom’s hard work. She also taught me how to care deeply and have compassion for others, even strangers as well.”

“She is good to those around her because she is loving,” Mary added.

Melinda is always willing to put others well before herself in any situation, and she is a special woman because of her amazing personality.

She is also someone with a hilarious personality, and her consistent positive outlook on life is something that so many people admire about her.

“Mom’s best quality to me is her sarcastic joyful nature,” Will said. “She is always joking around and is lighthearted.”

Her sense of humor and her ability to make people laugh is not the only thing that makes her who she is, however.

As mentioned before, Melinda is a role model who gives it her all in everything she does, and her grandchildren are starting to reap the benefits of having a grandmother like this. They see all that she does and all that she accomplishes, and David knows that they are going to continue to learn from the best.

“She is a simple individual, and she likes it that way,” he said. “She is a very hard worker and honest as the day is long. Melinda is more sensitive than what people think, and she has a big heart, especially for her grandchildren.”

Those grandbabies mean everything to her, and Melinda will always cherish every moment she gets to spend with them.

She is the most loving and caring person that her family has ever known, and they are so appreciative of how much of a positive influence Melinda has always been on them all.

“My mom has been a constant source of support, love and strength for my whole life,” Mary exclaimed.

“She enjoys helping others and makes sure they are taken care of,” Jamie added. “She has been taking care of her mother and brother due to their decline in health for many years now. She is always willing to help care for her grandchildren as well.”

Family comes first for Melinda, and this mentality has certainly rubbed off on her own children.

She is one who is always there for you, and her and Dave’s relationship has helped her kids learn many things as well.

“I think Mom and Dave work well together because they offset one another’s good characteristics,” Will said. “They are both sporadic and ready to go to the casino or on a road trip to Cincinnati.”

Melinda’s willingness to go with the flow and live life as it comes at her is yet another reason why she is such an amazing soul.

Everyone is more than appreciative of her, and they are glad to have Melinda in their lives.

“All I need in my life is her,” David said.a caring mother

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