Godly Woman: Aimee is God first, family second, and everything else third type of woman

There is one thing that is more important to Aimee Morton than family, and that is her love of Jesus

Aimee is a born again, Godfearing woman who devotes her life to Jesus Christ. She tries to live a life that resembles the life that Jesus did, and she does so every day in the way she treats others and loves her family. 

“She is someone who truly lives the life they say they live,” her daughter Caitlyn said. “She’s a Godly mom and seeing her pray, read God’s Word, take us to church at every opportunity, teach us about God, and live a Godly life has been the greatest thing she has taught us by far.” 

Aimee has put God at the center of it all, and her Biblical morals have been at the foundation of the Morton household for a long time now. 

It is because of these strong morals and values that she was able to raise her kids the right way and to always live out what she teaches. She has always been there for them and has been a great role model to them, and that is why all four of them have grown up to be amazing adults and for two of them, parents in their own right. 

“She has taught us how to work hard and love God in everything we do,” her son Drew said. “She taught us not to complain and to just do your best. She has taught us how to have a funny and goofy side as well. She always means what she says and is honest with us and others.

Aimee stays true to who she is and is someone who is constantly supporting and loving her family and friends

She has a funloving attitude toward life as well. Aimee has a great sense of humor and is always making people laugh and smile, and one of the most important things about her is the way she treats her husband. She is someone who is an extremely devoted and loving wife, and this is something her children and her husband are all thankful for

“She always thinks of me and goes out of her way to do nice things for me and our family,” her husband Cleve said. “She is patient and forgiving in the most difficult circumstances. She is very loyal and supports me through all the ups and downs we have experienced as a pastor of a church and a business owner.”

Life is what you make of it, and having someone like Aimee who makes the most of every moment in life is extremely vital. She loves her family and she always has people’s backs, and she is the type of woman you always want in your corner

For Cleve, Caitlyn, Sean, Drew, Abigail, Piper, Parker, Remy and Oliver, Aimee is the best wife, mom and grandma in the world. And to Darian and Lauren, she is the best motherin-law they could ever ask for. They are all thankful and beyond grateful for this wonderful woman, and they want Aimee to know they will always cherish her. 

“I loved her early on but didn’t truly know what love was until she and I were both saved, and then I saw the love of Christ exhibited in her on a daily basis in how she thought of me and others first. She is giving of her time, energy and talent and is the smartest and most determined woman I know. There is nothing she can’t figure out when she puts her mind to it. My life would be empty without her.” Cleve


Godly Woman: Aimee Morton

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