Hardworking mom fills family with love

Aimee Pinkerton is a wonderful mother of five children and two stepchildren who has dedicated herself to her family.

Her husband, Thomas, said Aimee has a very caring heart and she would help anyone without a second thought. 

Not just a great mom and wife, Aimee overcame a difficult childhood to earn a law degree, which led her to a career with U.S. Dairy. 

“Aimee continues to impress me every day,” Thomas said. “She has never truly received the recognition she deserves for earning her law degree and her work in a career that she excels in.”

The couple met by pure luck when they were introduced by a friend. Thomas said he can never forget when they met for the second time and Aimee kissed him. He fell for her right away. In fact, he said that after their first real conversation, he knew Aimee was the one.

When they were married, they blended their families into one large unit. The family has continued getting bigger because of their love of animals. The seven children, Joseph, Khayman, Maddox, Cruz, Chasidy, Audrey and Quinn have been joined by two Frenchies, Dexter and Demi, and three rescue cats, Roscoe, Mojo and Stella. 

It’s a full house that is filled with love, thanks to the hard work of Aimee. 

“She works so hard for all the kids, cooks dinner, and makes sure everyone is happy. I honestly don’t know how she does it,” Thomas said. 

In her free time, Aimee enjoys singing karaoke, trying new food, watching crime documentaries, and reading Ann Rice books. As a couple, Thomas and Aimee enjoy talking about history, science, religion, and politics, and also traveling on vacations together. 

Their vacations have led to several interesting accidents that have come at Aimee’s expense. One time on a family vacation, Aimee tried keeping up with the young kids when they were tubing but fell off the tube and broke a rib. Another time, they went to a haunted field, Aimee accidentally bumped into a real mannequin. 

“Although she doesn’t always mean to, Aimee makes all of our vacations memorable,” Thomas said with a smile. 

Thomas said he is lucky to have found someone as amazing as Aimee. He loves that she makes him a better person, encouraging him to look at things in a different light. 

“I am thankful that Aimee shares her wisdom with me when I need it,” Thomas said. “She shows me how to be more understanding to different situations.”

Thomas and all the children love that Aimee is thoughtful, loving, and strong-willed, with a caring heart.

“Aimee is the love of my life,” Thomas said. “I may never tell her this enough, but she is and forever will be my valentine. Aimee, I am in awe of everything you have done and continue to do for our family, and I thank God you are part of my life. I love you.”

Hardworking mom fills family with love

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