‘Dad, Thank You’: John Sr.’s family loves and appreciates everything about him, and with good reason

John Hamer Sr. is a man who is full of faith, love and a dedication to his family. John spent the majority of his adult life working hard throughout his career, and to this day he lives a peaceful life with his wife of over 50 years, Pat. He keeps himself active all year long as well, and he has built a life full of strong morals and values.

The foundation John set forth for his children and grandchildren is amazing as well. They have all learned so many wonderful things from this man, and they know he is one of the wisest 80-year-olds you will ever meet.

“He means love and security,” John Sr.’s daughter Kathleen said. “He means family.”

John Sr. means everything to his wife, children and grandchildren. He is the true patriarchal figure of the entire family, and all of his family members have great appreciation and admiration for him.

“John Hamer is a very caring individual,” his son Michael said. “He cares about what he does, and does his best at it whatever the task.”

Whether it be solving Sudoku puzzles, up keeping multiple family properties, riding snowmobiles or telling you the difference between a 1955 and 1956 Chevy, John is great at everything.

He is especially great at teaching his family important life lessons. Day in and day out John’s children have felt as though they learned something new growing up, and to this day they take so many of the things they were taught by their father to heart.

“He taught me the importance of making things last,” John Jr. said. “And being kind to others. And lending a helping hand. And supporting the less fortunate.”

Being there for others is an important part of who John Sr. is. He knows not everyone has a lot, and he does what he can to help people whenever possible.

He appreciates the little things in life too… and he does not throw many things out!

“Reduce, reuse, recycle; save anything,” Kathleen said. “You never know when you might need it! Be financially frugal. Do you really need it?”

Keeping up with your finances and making sure you make the most out of everything is something John has always had a keen ability to do. He does not take things for granted, just like his family does not take him for granted.

Speaking of family, John Sr. is a family man through and through. Not only is he a great father to his four children, he is also a great husband to his wife Patricia and excellent grandfather their grandchildren: Kaili (20), James (18), Gavin (16), Katalyna (15), Noelle (12), Rosemary (9), Estelle (7), Skylar (6) and Taron (4).

He is even a great father-in-law to Todd, Noah and Rachel.

“He has instilled in me the importance, constant, dependable and foundational aspects of family,” John’s daughter Melissa said. “Especially a small family and the value of spending time together. He has a very strong work ethic too, and not to quit a job or burn a relational bridge is something else he instilled in all of us.”

This boded well in his career as he worked for AT&T and then moved to Caterpillar and worked as a programmer and an analyst.

Obviously he is a very smart individual too. His children know this and so do many other people all around John.

“One of the many things I admire most about my dad is that he always has the answer,” Michael said. “He without a doubt is the smartest person I know. You definitely want him on your team when playing a trivia game. And when you need help seeing a ‘bigger picture,’ he can help paint it for you.”

He can also help you find an appreciation for everything in life, especially family. Him being a family man may seem like a harped on point by now, but that is because family is what makes John Sr. truly tick.

“I admire his love for his family,” John Jr. said. “I also admire his faith. His unwavering support. The silent sacrifices he’s made over the years. His integrity.”

John Sr. has done so many things without asking for anything in return, and this is something his children have always noticed. They appreciate and admire this about their father, along with many other things.

“My dad is the strong, youthful parental example I strive to be for my kids,” Melissa said. “He’s the strong arms; he’s the wise planner; he’s the witty smile and an amazing listener. He is the example I try to be for my kids.

“I remember he always had time for us and played with us. He was the dolphin in the swimming pool; he threw us higher and longer every time we asked. He ran behind my banana seat bike until I could ride on my own. He played softball until I kept my eye on the ball. He biked with me until I stopped in my early 30s.”

Melissa admires her dad so much she says her husband, Noah, is a spitting image of the man he was in his younger years.

And more than that, this all shows just how great of a father John has been throughout the years. He is a role model and an everlasting presence in his children’s lives.

He has always supported them and has been selfless toward them and many others as well.

“He has always put others in front of his own needs,” Michael said. “He made sure that our lives – the lives of his wife and kids – were as comfortable and pleasant as possible. He doesn’t have any vices that plagued our family. He is what being a dad is all about.”

John is what being a friend is all about too. He is genuine in his ways, and he is a constant beacon of support for everyone.

“He will listen and then offer advice,” Kathleen said. “He wants to share his favorites in life too (the lake house, snowmobiling).”

John wants to make the most of life as well. He has created many special memories for his family, and they will always be thankful for that.

“Dad took us on unforgettable vacations and gave us great experiences,” John Jr. said. “He has always helped me to further my knowledge and skills.”

John Sr. is not without his little quirks either, but this is what makes him even more fascinating and unique.

“He absolutely loves butter – and eats bread, toast, popcorn, et cetera because it is the perfect vehicle for butter,” Melissa said. “Dad is also very, very funny with a dry sense of humor… it’s one of the reasons people really like him.”

There are many other reasons why people like John too. His deep compassion, care and love for others is completely irreplaceable.

All that being said, John Sr. is a truly remarkable person who is one of the most amazing, smart, hands-on people you will ever meet. He is a husband, a father and a grandfather, and he excels in all those roles.

“I wouldn’t be who I am without my dad.” – John Jr.

“We don’t say THANK YOU enough for everything you have done for us. But Thank You and WE ALL LOVE YOU!” – Michael

‘Dad, Thank You’: John Sr.

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