‘Glue Of The Family’: The Fullertons definitely could not do it without Caroline






These are just a few of the many words Alex Fullerton uses to describe his wife Caroline.

As Caroline celebrates her 30th birthday, Alex reflects on some of the things that make his wife who she is. On top of being very hardworking and open minded, Caroline is someone who means the world to her husband and children.

Without her, Alex, Elliot and Grace would feel lost. They look to Caroline for so much guidance and support in their everyday lives, and they know they do not always give her the credit she deserves.

On top of everything else, Caroline is an extremely dedicated and devoted woman. She sets goals and exceeds them, and she certainly can handle anything life may throw her way.

“She is a first-year teacher and full-time student who works so incredibly hard to balance all the things in her life,” Alex said. “She is the most supportive and caring wife and mother that anyone could possibly ask for, and she does not get nearly enough recognition for all that she does.”

Between being a teacher and student, Caroline is also a wonderful mother to her two little ones. Elliot and Grace are both under 3-years-old, and while that may seem like a lot to handle to most people, being a mother to her children is the most rewarding and important thing to Caroline.

“What makes her a great mom is just the fact that she is always there taking the time to let the kids grow and figure themselves out,” Alex said. “She loves reading to them. There are also the memories of Caroline eating frozen fruit with Elliot while pregnant with Grace. She’s always taking them to places where they can learn new things and explore too.”

Caroline continues to make a world of memories with her children, just as she has done with her husband. From the Filet-O-Fish story to the shifter kart and surgery stories, every moment with Caroline is special and memorable.

There are so many reasons why Alex loves his wife, and he wants Caroline to be reminded every single day of just how much she means to the Fullertons.

“You don’t get nearly enough credit and recognition for all that you do for me and this family. You are the glue that keeps us all together and going in the right direction, yet no one ever acknowledges this. You are a wonderful person, and we could not be luckier to have you in our lives.” – Alex

‘Glue Of The Family’: Caroline Fullerton

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