‘Hard Work & Determination’: These are two traits that more than define Patricia Gaumond, and her boys love her for this

Patricia Louise Gaumond is an amazing, humble woman who is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother, and she is appreciated for such.

Patricia is the type of person that you want to sit around drinking a beer or some wine with while talking about life, as she is a great friend to all. She is someone who draws people near to her by being her amazing self, and her family and friends all love her for who she is. She is someone who people know they could not live without, and everyone speaks so highly of her.

“She is a smart and hardworking person who always puts other people first,” her son Robert said. “Throughout her entire life she has been the hardest working person I know.”

And this is coming from a man who admired his father just as much. However, Robert knows that his mother has always had that extra special touch.

From working as a computer programmer to teaching high school math, Patricia has always been dedicated to everything that she does. She is an extremely hard worker who has always given 110 percent effort, and her children have always appreciated that about her.

Patricia’s kids have also appreciated all of the love and support she has shown them over the years. She has been a present mother since the day her sons were born, and her love for them has never wavered.

“She has been an amazingly supportive parent who has helped each of us through adversity,” Robert said. “Most of us took the long way to success and she was there with us the entire way, always praying for us and helping if we needed it.”

Not a day passed by that Patricia did not pray for her boys as they were growing up, and they know this is still the case today. They can always feel her love cast over them, even when they are not in the same room, and that is amazing.

Patricia has also helped her boys through some tough times. Life is full of obstacles and she and her sons all realize this, but these obstacles and roller coasters have only brought them closer together.

“She has been extremely patient with all of her kids,” Robert said. “We have done a bunch of rough things and no matter what happens, she has always lent us support and love.”

That is a true mother’s love. When you can be there for your kids through every situation and support them through every decision they make, that’s when you know your love for them is unconditional.

This unconditional love for her children is not the only thing that makes Patricia who she is either. She also gets to spend a lot of time to herself, and she spends this time well. She is very active and she loves the outdoors and doing things that keeps her brain in tip top shape.

“Mom loves quilting, taking care of plants in the yard and garden, improving her home, swimming laps in her lap pool at the house and visiting family,” Robert said. “Now that she is retired she loves to take trips every year and see the world.”

Patricia has a strong sense of adventure and exploration. She loves seeing different aspects of the world around her, and that is why she is a well-traveled individual.

And while she loves to take trips by herself, the best trips Patricia has ever taken are with her loved ones. When she is surrounded by the people who mean the most to her, she is beyond happy.

Family means absolutely everything to Patricia, and her family all appreciates that.

“I really admire her perseverance and dedication to her family,” Robert said. “I have been deployed with the Army seven times, and every time I go to a dangerous area she prays for me every night and sends me care packages.”

The best care package Robert ever received was the first letter his mom sent while he was in basic training, which was a picture of him passed out in the bathroom after a rough night out on the town. He thinks back to this moment quite frequently, but then again he thinks of all the care packages Patricia sends him.

Robert loves his mom and is glad to have her as the guiding light to his life, even when they are thousands of miles apart. She has always reminded him of the important things in life, and she is the best role model he has.

“She is a great mother because of how well she keeps the family in touch and together,” Robert said. “She is always spending time visiting Joe and the grandkids, helping everyone out. Plus, she is a patient and understanding person.”

Patricia has not only made family a priority on a consistent basis, but she also just has a way with people. She treats others right and is willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, and that is another thing that makes her special.

“She has always been such a good, decent, loving person,” Robert said. “Those traits have really set a good example for me in my own life on what I should strive for and how to be a better person.”

Just by being a good person and being herself, Patricia’s sons have taken after her well. They know she has a wonderful personality that is full of selflessness and love, and they appreciate that.

Robert and his brothers could not imagine their lives without their mother being the role model that she is, and they are glad they do not have to think about this. Patricia is one of a kind and is a special soul.

“She is everything to me,” Robert said. “I would do anything I can to make sure she is taken care of and has a great life. She has spent her entire life working and providing for all of her kids and grandkids.”

And now, Robert and his brothers want to return the favor. They know just how much their mother has always been there for them, and they want to do the same for her.

Patricia deserves to be celebrated every single day, and she should certainly be proud of the sons she raised. They are all respectful, well-rounded adults who appreciate where they come from, and they love their mother so much.

“I wouldn’t be the man I am today without her support. She is a role model to me for what a good hardworking person is.” – Robert

‘Hard Work & Determination’: Patricia Gaumond

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