The Right Time: When Cathy Met Joe on Our Time it was Clearly Their Time

Timing can be everything in life and when Cathy Soper met Joe Soper on the senior dating app “Our Time,” it was clearly the right time for them to meet. This love would eventually lead to marriage as Cathy is now a devoted and loving wife who views their marriage as a “forever marriage.” Cathy even refers to Joe as “the best thing she ever found on the internet.”

Cathy was born in Schenectady, NY as the second daughter of Donald and Audrey Dill. She utilized her intelligence and strong work ethic to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the Mary Fletcher School of Nursing in Burlington, Vermont.

Not only is Cathy a registered nurse, but she also served 25 years in the National Air Guard before retiring in 2008 as a USAF Colonel. She holds several commendation medals including the Expert Marksman Badge and is a Veteran of the first gulf war.

One of Joe’s favorite qualities about Cathy is how she expresses boundless love for her family, neighbors and residents of the community. He has never heard Cathy say “no” to any request for help or assistance.

Her Veteran status plays into much of this as she and Joe co-host the Lakes at Waterway Village Memorial Day Flag Raising Ceremony, which brings together all Veterans and neighbors on Memorial Day for a solemn and moving observance. She also volunteers at the Cleveland Clinic of Indian River County and serves on several community committees focusing on Veterans and needy children.

Speaking of children, family is essential to Cathy as she is an incredible mother to her two children, Ken and Lauren, who she adopted from South Korea and grandmother to her three grandchildren Kyle, Kyra and Jenna. She also loves Joe’s Mother, two children and five grandchildren.

“Cathy is utterly devoted to her children and grandchildren and I’ve never witnessed a time where she hasn’t been there for them with words of support,” said Joe. “She is in contact with them regularly, riding with them as they navigate life. Cathy was also totally devoted to her parents having them move in with her during their final years.”

Clearly when Cathy loves someone, she is all in, which is part of why Joe was so grateful to meet her. Their first date was at a local restaurant and went on for six hours of amazing conversation. 

When you meet the love of your life the conversation flows endlessly and easily. After six hours Joe and Cathy knew they’d found the love they’d been searching for all their lives. 

“We came together following my years of failed relationships. Her strength, love, loyalty and steadfastness healed me and allowed me to love and be loved on a level I never knew was possible,” said Joe. “I knew she was a keeper almost immediately. She and I connected on a level I’d never known and my desire to spend more time with her grew daily.”

They enjoyed spending a considerable amount of time getting to know each other including hiking and enjoying Lake Champlain. However, it was when the two purchased an RV for a trip out west travelling cross country, and even up into Canada, that their love for each other was cemented forever.

“Have you ever spent two months alone with someone else? In a 45 x 12’ trailer that you’ve never owned or driven before?,” asked Joe. “If you come back loving each other even more than when you left, you’ve ‘walked the walk’ creating lifelong memories together while surviving the challenges you’ll find on the road.”

Joe and Cathy are still making tons of new memories together including taking loving care of their dogs, Caramia and Brady,  exploring new restaurants together, going on gambling trips to local arcades and Florida casinos together for weekends of fun. They also enjoy sporting events live or in-person, especially when the Yankees play. Cathy has even begun to enjoy Joe’s passion for the NFL, but the real touchdown is the one they scored falling in love with each other.

The two are now married, having built a home together in Vero Beach. “I love Cathy with all my heart and thank God for bringing her to me when he did,” said Joe.

It’s no surprise God brought them together when he did because it was the right time for them to meet on “Our Time,” but really it was their time and it will be for many more wonderful years to come.

The Right Time: When Cathy Met Joe on Our Time it was Clearly Their Time

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