‘Will You Marry Me?’

For Zac Enderby, waiting for the right one has always been one of the most important things to him.

While many of his friends were getting married throughout the years, Zac decided that he wanted to wait until the right time and for the right one, and that is exactly what happened when he met Rachel.

“I stayed single for 35 years because it never felt right,” he said. “After meeting Rachel, it was pretty simple. She makes me smile every day and I cannot wait to be around her forever. Never had I met someone that I absolutely had to have until I met her.”

This is what true love looks like. Zac is crazy about Rachel, and he is glad he gets to call her his girl.

There are so many wonderful qualities that she possesses, and Zac loves every single one of them. She is such a wholesome woman who embodies love and compassion, and she is someone who is always going to take care of her own.

“I love her smile and her passion for making sure myself and the kids are happy and taken care of,” Zac said. “She doesn’t care for the material things as much as just wanting attention and to know she is perfect for me. She is there for me and my son for anything. Her sense of humor and big heart is so contagious. She listens to me and is interested in the things I like.”

In everything, Rachel puts forth so much thought and care, and her effort to make sure everyone has everything they need is second-to-none.

Before Rachel came into Zac’s life, the most and only important thing in his life was his son, Chase. Seeing the way she has accepted Chase as her own while having three children of her own is something that has always stuck out to Zac. He appreciates all she does for all the kids, and he is glad they are now one big happy family.

“Rachel has more patience than anyone I know,” Zac said. “Working at home with kids all day while trying to keep up with the daily grind of a house of six is mentally and physically draining. The kids have endless supplies of energy, but she just keeps going. She is a great cook and loves to bake. She tries to teach the kids life lessons and the values she has learned.”

On top of helping to run the entire household, Rachel is a role model that all four kids look up to, but despite how challenging all this may be, she is always ready. She cares so much about her family, and she always wants what is best for them.

“She is definitely quiet and reserved like Zac,” Zac’s best friend, Greg Aregoni, said. “You can tell how loving she is just by seeing how she interacts with the kids! She does have that naughty funny side when I make jokes to her and get her all red in the face. She cares for Chase, and you can see he loves her! My wife and I wanted to see Zac end up with someone that loves Chase just as his father does! We love that they found each other.”

Everyone around Rachel and Zac can see how much they are truly meant for one another, and they could not imagine two better people together.

Rachel’s personality cannot be spoken of enough, as she is someone who is also truly selfless and giving, and she is constantly putting others before herself.

“Rachel is reliable and trustworthy,” Zac said. “She is always willing to lend a hand. She talks with her parents daily and appreciates any and all help she gets. When everything seems like it is going rough around you, Rachel is always there for support.”

Zac is glad that he found someone with as great a personality as Rachel, and despite them only being together for a year, it feels as if they have known each other for a lifetime.

Zac is grateful for Rachel every single moment of every single day, and he could not imagine having waited for a better girl for 35 years than Rachel.

“In the times we have met and talked to her, you can tell she is a very good listener,” Greg said. “She has a contagious laugh and is so good natured. I asked Zac if this was the one two or three months into dating. He giggled. I told him if he screwed this up, he is an idiot. I am so happy my friend Zac has found true happiness with Rachel.”

It took a lot of ups and downs throughout the years for both Rachel and Zac, but they found each other, and they will be by each other’s side until the end of time. Zac is looking forward to seeing what the future holds in store for them, and he cannot wait to spend the rest of his life with his amazing girl by his side.

“Rachel, I love you and the kids. I can’t imagine life without you guys. We have such a long list of things we want to do together, and I couldn’t imagine it being anyone else but you by my side. Will You Marry Me? Love, Zac.”will you marry me?

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