‘She Makes Us Better’: J. has spent a majority of his life with Robbi, and he counts himself lucky every day because of that

If there was one thing J. Muckenfuss would want his wife Robbi to know, it would be that she is loved.

Luckily there are many more words that can fit on a page to show J.’s appreciation for his wife. From her constant support of himself and their children to her amazing treatment of other people and animals, there is so much to be said about Robbi Muckenfuss.

“She is supportive and encouraging,” J. said. “She expects a lot of herself and of the things and people she invests her time in. She cares very deeply. She feels very deeply. She is a great mother and wants the best for our kids.”

Robbi has a way of connecting with other people on a personal level, and that is something that is not taken for granted. She is genuinely interested in what is going on in the lives of her friends and family, and she loves spending time with her loved ones.

Robbi is also someone who works hard in everything she does, and her devotion shows in the way she carries herself.

“Robbi is extremely organized,” J. said. “She cares very deeply and isn’t afraid to show her feelings. She is a reader. She’s a teacher, but also a learner, and hasn’t been afraid to try new things, especially in the last few years (gardening, knitting, painting, learning to cook new recipes). She sometimes knows me better than I know myself.”

Robbi succeeds at everything she puts her hands on. She is such a great teacher at Durham Technical Community College as well as an exceptional department chair, and her work has been recognized by others within and outside of her school. She focuses on details, because she knows that little things matter.

That is also why she is a great mother as well. Back in 1998 Robbi gave birth to triplets, and she instantly turned into an amazing mother. She has always treated them well, nurtured them, been there for them and has been a role model that they all still look up to this very day.

“A lot of people have admired her for the resilience it took to carry three babies at once,” J. said. “It was hard on her. It wasn’t easy for us to have children and I think that it has always been even more special because of that. They were premature at birth. Robbi was a stay-at-home mom in those early years. She was so organized.”

Robbi was able to raise her kids up the right way. They learned right from wrong. They had books, camps, teams and experiences that let them explore their interests and also put good people into their lives who became caring role models for them.

She has a lot to be proud of now that they are adults too, as they are all doing well for themselves. And despite them all living in different parts of the east coast and midwest, Robbi always made life memorable and meaningful for them, and none of them forget where they came from.

J. does not ever forget how great of a wife she is either. Robbi has always been so loving and supportive of him, and he is so grateful to have had her by his side for over three decades.

“I can’t imagine life any differently than with Robbi. It’s made me a better person to have her in my life, and I’m glad we have many more years together.” – J.

‘She Makes Us Better’: Robbi Muckenfuss

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