Meant to Be: The timing of Mikki walking into Cole’s life and flipping it upside “right” could not have been more perfect

Sometimes, you just know.

In Cole and Mikki Tate’s case, this is completely true. Call it fate or call it destiny, but one thing for certainty is that it was more than chance that brought these two together.

“It was a romance and marriage that was meant to be. We met at exactly the right time in life to be perfect for each other and know that we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives. Our life together is amazing, full of wonderful family and romantic adventures.” As Mikki says, “It’s about the little things we do for each other on a daily basis, and some big things as well”!

Cole knew from the moment he first saw Mikki’s amazing smile, that she was someone that would be worth getting to know, and boy was he right.

They started talking and hanging out, and when Cole told Mikki some of the things he had gone through in the past, she could not help but believe that they were right for each other as well.

Cole realized that with her, he could get a second chance, and he knew she was worth it. She means the world to him, and he could not imagine a world without Mikki being in it.

“She is generous, kind and incredibly thoughtful,” Cole said. “Mikki is full of vibrant energy, and has an amazing smile and a fantastic laugh. She’s got a great sense of humor, and is the best partner for personal and spiritual growth. She is an amazing wife, mother, sister and friend.”

Since they got together, Mikki has never treated Cole’s two kids as anything less than her own. She is always thinking about them, caring for and looking out for them, and she wants to truly be the best mom she can be in their lives.

Mikki looks out for her own and is always taking care of others, and Cole could not be more appreciative of her.

“She is the most thoughtful person I have ever known, and she is so much fun to laugh with! She is always trying to raise her consciousness to be a better person,” Cole said. “She is a talented singer and songwriter, photographer and writer. She is incredibly inspiring. I am so grateful to her for helping me become a better man.”

Mikki is always lifting up those around her with her incredible positive attitude, her knowledge and wisdom gathered from her experiences of world travel and a life of service to others.

She has so many talents, and wonderful qualities. Cole is constantly in awe of his wife and is always thankful that he has her in his life, he could not imagine a better companion by his side.

“We would all like her to know that we love her dearly, we appreciate her and love her for who she is and all that she does every single day of the year; she’s the best!” – Colemeant to be

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