Can’t Hang: Betsy Teske is a fun-loving wife, mom and friend who is crazy and enjoyable to be around

WWBD. What Would Betsy Do?

When Craig Teske thinks about something and wonders if it is a good idea, he asks if his wife would think so. If the answer would be no, then he does not even second guess it.

“She is my wife, best friend and the love of my life,” Craig said. “She has made me a better person. Her respect for my passion for sports is something that means a lot to me.”

In all aspects of life, Craig and Betsy have a mutual respect for one another. They love each other very much, and they want what is best for each other. They may not always agree on things, but they respect each other’s opinions.

They have created a strong foundation for their daughter, Sloane, and Craig knows that his wife and daughter have such an unbreakable bond that he would never try to come between.

“Betsy knows where all the bodies are buried,” Craig said. “And our daughter does not hold back! I get the information that I need to know about, but my wife understands the whole ordeal. She has provided the absolute best guidance and support so Sloane could navigate her way through high school and sports. She’s a great listener and a great mentor. She loves Sloane with every fiber she has.”

Betsy has raised her daughter to be an independent thinker, and she has always taught her to give everything her all. She knows her daughter is capable of anything she puts her mind to, and she is always willing to listen to what Sloane has to say.

She is always there for her daughter, and Sloane is so thankful for her mom.

“My mom means the absolute world to me,” Sloane said. “She is my best friend, my rock and my biggest supporter. She puts me in front of herself and gives me a push. She’s a shoulder to cry on and is always there for me no matter what is going on. I appreciate everything she has done for me so I can be the best person I can be.”can't hang

At the end of the day, nothing comes between Sloane and Betsy. Betsy means everything to Sloane, and Sloane to Betsy. Betsy wants what is best for her daughter, and she has taught her innumerable life lessons.

“She’s taught me to laugh every day and always have a smile on my face,” Sloane said. “Love and love others. Mom’s shown me what it’s like to have a best friend in a mom.”

Betsy has such a positive attitude in life, and that positivity makes a difference in so many lives around her. From her family to her friends, to her students. Betsy is always making people smile.

She has an infectious smile and an infectious laugh, and she is always making life easier for those around her. Her optimism is contagious, and people are drawn to her amazing personality.

“I love Betsy’s ability to laugh,” her ‘work spouse’ and good friend, Shannon, said. “I can always hear her laughing down the hall as she greets her colleagues throughout the school day!  As a special education teacher, she always brings humor and laughter to difficult situations! Her famous lines are, ‘You can’t make this stuff up!’ and ‘they ain’t right!!!’”

Betsy is always making life fun. In a world where so many negative things are constantly happening, she looks at the brighter side of life.

Betsy’s friends and coworkers love spending time with her, and she is a great teacher. She works in special education, which takes a patient and special personality, and that is exactly what Betsy has.

She loves making a difference in those kids’ lives, and even though she will be hanging up the teacher’s badge in the near future, Betsy’s legacy will live on in infamy, and she will never stop making an impact in people’s lives.

“She’s extremely levelheaded,” Craig said. “Teaching high school now, it’s not a black and white job. She does what is beneficial for the kids in the long run. Every day she gets up with a smile on her face.”

Betsy is always looking out for others and what is going to be the best for each and every person she comes into contact with. She forms relationships with those around her, and she is always helping people in every aspect of life.

“She’s a fantastic listener,” Shannon said. “It doesn’t matter what she’s doing; she always drops everything to listen to everyone else’s problems!”

Betsy has been doing this for as long as everyone who knows her can remember, and she will continue to do this for years to come.

She has made an impact on the lives around her in many ways, and she has helped to create a lasting impact that will always be remembered.

“One of my fondest memories with her is when we would talk on the phone every night for hours, strategizing how we were going to connect with Scott Sargent, Alan Anderson, Danny Clark, Chris Schwartz, Mike Aslyn, and the list goes on and on,” her childhood best friend, Tracy, said.

While none of these people may remember who Betsy is, they probably wish they did. Tracy and Betsy go way back, and even though these names seem irrelevant now, it just goes to show the true impact Betsy has made in people’s lives, for Tracy to remember these names like that.

“Best friends know all of your best memories because they made them with you,” Tracy said. “It is hard to express our friendship in words because it has been built with memories. What’s interesting is we really didn’t realize we were making memories; we just knew we were having fun. There’s just something about childhood friendships you cannot replace. Betsy and I grew up together and experienced many highs and lows throughout the years. We were so opposite, but complemented each other so well. She forced me to be social, and I ‘reined her in’ when she was about to cross the line. Even though we live miles and miles apart, it will never change the fact that our roots will always be entangled. True friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it’s about being separated and nothing changes. That’s what will always define our friendship. I love the memories we made. I love the friendship we built. But most of all, I love my dear friend Betsy!”

Now, Betsy gets to make memories with not just Tracy, but her family of her, Craig and Sloane. She loves living life with the two of them, and Craig and Betsy are like two peas in a pod.

“They’re always laughing,” Sloane said. “They always find a positive light and don’t take life too seriously in a sense. They crack jokes and have the mindset that every day you wake up and stand up, it’s the start of a great day.”

When you have this outlook on life, it makes it difficult for life to bring you down. For Betsy, life is just that. She has the best outlook on life, and she is always looking for ways to make others feel the same way.

And even though she will fall into bushes after a couple of Fireball shots, talk smack about Tom Crean, she has a strong support system around her, and Betsy loves and is loved by all. People will always be in her corner, and everyone is thankful for her.

“Boi, I love you to the moon and back and you will be my forever best friend. Thank you for all you have done for me.” – Sloane

“You’re my passion. – Betsy” – Craig

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