‘Best Mom Ever’: Laura Davis is a tireless nurse, loving wife, and a dedicated mother to her two boys

One date was all it took for Jamie and Laura Davis to know they had something special. Jamie went into that evening in Dewey Beach nervous and feeling like he had to impress Laura, but by the end of it, they were inseparable.

All the qualities that make her the special person she is today were clear that night and made it obvious: Jamie knew he HAD to be with her. He and Laura were married in Maui in 2005 and later started their family with their sons, Kingston Charles (14) and Grayson James (12).

“I felt like I had to win her over,” Jamie said of that first date. “After our first night together, we knew this was it. We were never apart again after that.”

Jamie couldn’t be more grateful for that and the 16 wonderful years they have shared together. He sees in his wife a woman who loves her family more than anything and puts her children first without so much as a second thought. She is always there to run Kingston and Grayson to practices and games, but also to simply be there to guide and support them.

Laura is reliable and loving and makes sure all the needs of Jamie and her sons are met. She is dedicated in her career as a registered nurse and even more so in her second full-time job as a mother who has the utmost love for her boys. Her family is her world, and she rises to the occasion again and again to show that with every thoughtful action.

“She is loving and thoughtful and always puts others first,” Jamie said. “She is the best mom ever. She never misses a game, a practice or any of their events. All her hobbies and interests revolve around the boys.”

Laura does all of it with a smile on her face and with great admiration from her husband.

Jamie fell in love with her almost immediately that first night in Dewey Beach and he adored their romantic wedding day in Maui, but to this day, he still considers watching her in action as a mom as the “most rewarding” part of their life together.

Without question, Laura is the hardest-working person that Jamie knows. The fact that all that hard work is designed to care for others continues to blow him away. She spends full days caring for patients and still has the energy when she gets home to be the best kind of mother and wife.

“She is so dedicated to her kids and to me,” Jamie said. “She has a hard work ethic and is a good person all around. The kids are her world. She’s a great and loving mother and also takes care of me as well. She is the most loving, caring and supportive wife.”

As much as anything this holiday season, Jamie would love for his wife to know that he and the boys see everything she does, and they appreciate all of it.

Their family relies on her and all the roles she so lovingly plays to keep her house running and to help Kingston and Grayson develop into the great young men they are.

Jamie loves and adores Laura more today than ever before and could not have asked for a better life together. The love that blossomed in Dewey Beach has given Jamie a life that he wouldn’t trade for anything.

“She means everything,” Jamie said. “She is the rock and the glue to our family. Without her, we don’t exist. She is everything to us.”best mom ever

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