Sunshiny Destiny: “Destiny” was more than just the name of the cruise line Jay and Abigail met on, but it is a word that applies to every aspect of their lives together

Jay and Abigail Murray have known each other since they were in their early teens, and the love and admiration they have for one another has lasted ever since.

“Abby means everything to me,” Jay said. “She is my reason why every day, and I truly could not see a life without her. She is the rock of our growing family, and ‘the greatest home mom ever,’ according to our kids – Isabella Yvonne Destiny and Liliana Savannah. She is a relentless worker, a dedicated mom and a beautiful person inside and out.”

When Jay and Abby first crossed paths, they did not really think anything of the name of the ship they were on being “Carnival Destiny,” but now they have incorporated this destiny into their marriage to the full extent. When they found out the name of the ship was being changed during their first pregnancy, they knew it was fate, and they decided to name their first daughter Isabella Yvonne Destiny Murray.

Abby’s zero quit, relentless attitude is just one of the many things that Jay absolutely adores about his wife, and he knows that she will always be supportive of his goals. She is someone who will be there for the people in her life to the end of time, and she will always go up to bat for her loved ones.

Abby is also someone who enjoys life to the fullest, and always makes sure to make time for family.

“She loves reading, hiking and going to wine vineyards and tours,” Jay said. “She has a strong passion for traveling and exploring different parts of the world. Abby also loves being around water, especially the beach, and swimming or laying out in the sun with wine.”

Abby is always living life to the fullest, and she makes sure that she takes time for herself. However, nothing will ever come between her and the kids.

“My wife is very good at guiding and supporting our kids,” Jay said. “She always reinforces how much she loves them by constantly letting them know, either through small notes or gestures throughout the week. She does a good job of keeping track of the kids, always knowing who they’re with, what they like to do and who their best friends are.”

Abby knows everything about her kids, and she is such a selfless, loving mother toward them. She makes sure they are taken care of, but she also makes sure she is a good role model for them as well.

“She does a good job teaching them to be kind and respectful toward others, to be charitable and grateful for what they have, and to have empathy for others,” Jay said. “It really shows in the positive way our kids interact with others. She is also good at listening to the kids and hearing what they have to say from their point of view.”

At the end of the day, while Mommy is always going to have her way, Abby still makes sure that she hears her kids out and lets them have a voice. This, amongst many other life lessons, is important and vital toward their growth.

Jay is proud of the mother that she is, and he cannot wait for their family of four to become a family of five. He loves his wife with all his heart, and he will always have her back.

“You’ve always been one of the most important people in my life,” he said. “I’ve never taken you for granted. Everything I’ve ever done – every business adventure I ever pursued – was always because of the one constant thing in my life: You. I do everything and work as hard as I do to always make sure you have the best in life, along with our kids.”sunshiny destiny

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