Always Sacrificing: Sandi Mayer cares for all, and she is always there

Sandi Mayer is an absolute gem who has a distinct love for family.

She and her husband, Geoff, might not get a whole lot of time together, as each of them travels with one of their boys for baseball, but even when they are far apart, they are in each other’s hearts.

They have an absolute undying love for one another, and Geoff is devoted to his wife.

“I love her to death,” he said. “She’s my wife. We’ve been together for 24 years now. Sandi’s been part of my life for more than half of mine.”

Throughout the years, Sandi and Geoff have grown in love, and the amount of love Geoff has for his wife gets greater each day.

He falls more and more in love with her every day, and he admires the wife and mother she is. Sandi is always there for their boys, and Geoff is glad they have her in their lives.

“She is selfless,” he said. “Sandi does anything and everything for the boys. She’ll take work off to get them places. She runs the house, and everything she does is for me and the family.”

Sandi is a family-first woman, and there is nothing she would not do for someone in need.

She is always taking care of her loved ones and the people around her that need it, and she is truly appreciated for everything she does.

“She’s caring for all,” Geoff said. “We had a neighbor next door who was elderly, and she checked on her after storms. My wife looked after Mildred once her husband passed, and she also loves all animals. She’s never mad at people. Also, her mom and stepdad live down the street from us and she goes down and takes care of them when needed.”

It does not matter if it is a human or a furbaby, Sandi loves them all the same.

She shows such a love and compassion for people and animals, and she is someone who is always there for people.

She is selfless and sacrifices so much for the good of others, and she deserves to be acknowledged.

Geoff does not know what he would do without Sandi, and he is glad he gets to grow old with her.

“The boys and I love you and care for you, Sandi. We understand you’ve made sacrifices for the betterment of our lives, and we are so appreciative of that.” – Geoffalways sacrificing

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