‘My Everything’: Maddy Uland stays busy in her career, but always puts Tony, Jamie’O and Ezekiel first

Maddy Uland is on her grind from morning to night, taking calls and helping run small team without ever compromising time with her family. Even when she’s working, Maddy is still playing with the kids, Jamie’O (4) and Ezekiel (18 months) or helping them with anything they need

She stays 100 percent available no matter how busy life or her real estate career gets, and her husband Tony notes that she never fails to put everyone else’s needs ahead of her own. It’s one of the things Tony loves most about her.

“She’s beautiful,” Tony said. “She never puts work in front of the kids. She is always there for them. She’s a great mother and wife. She always strives to better herself rather than being one that drags down others.”

Maddy was born in Sacramento, which is where she and Tony met, but she was raised all around the world and went to boarding school at Miss Halls in Massachusetts.

That worldly wisdom now serves her well in real estate, but especially as a parent who can give her kids the gift of perspective. The fact that she sets an example of kindness and generosity is a nice bonus that she shares with all of them.

“She’s always putting family first,” Tony said. “I really appreciate that.”

Tony was working at Fanny Ann’s Saloon and Maddy at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory when she caught his eye. He jokes that he “stalked” her on MySpace, but had to track her down the old-fashioned way — even more old-fashioned than MySpace — when his message to her went unanswered.

“I stalked her is how I found her,” Tony said. “I’m really glad I found her online.”

Tony and Maddy went for pizza at Luigi’s Pizza by the Slice paying dutch on their first date where Tony was able to afford to feed himself and her and he got two slices and took their first steps toward where they are today. He proposed while she working, then was too quick to post it on social media — “She told me to delete it because she has to tell her family first — but he was too elated not to share.

To this day, Tony feels just as excited to see Maddy while also appreciating all the good things she does for the family. They love spending time with the kids together, fishing and taking the kids to Apple Hill.

Maddy brings love and balance wherever she goes, and Tony is grateful for all of it.

He and the kids lean on Maddy and always know she will be there to lean right back. She makes her family whole.

“She’s my everything,” Tony said. “I probably would starve emotionally and physically without her in my life. Words could never describe how much I appreciate everything she does. I don’t tell her enough how great of a wife and mother she is.”my everything

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