‘My Main Woman’: Norma is the most important woman in Faustino’s life

Norma Rameño is a woman who wears many hats and she is a do-it-all woman who helps make sure her family functions, and her husband, Faustino, is thankful to have her around.

She loves her sisters, Carmen, Irma and Nora, so much, and she is truly dedicated to her job and the people that work under her.

Norma currently juggles two jobs – although she is leaving one of them come March – and Norma makes everything look so easy.

Norma makes life so much easier and more enjoyable, and Faustino realizes the blessing she is in his life.

“She watches the Raiders games with me,” he said. “She makes me laugh with her great sense of humor. She is financially responsible, and although we both contribute to the bank account and have equal say, I don’t think we’d have what we have without her guidance. We have a beautiful home that we recently remodeled. She works harder than anyone I know and has made me a better man.”

Norma is also an Army veteran, and Faustino knows that her background plays a part in raising their boys. While she does not bring quite the same level of intensity as she saw when she was deployed, she does hold her boys to high standards.

“Norma has always been firmer on the boys than me, but she has always been fair, and I know the boys respect and love as much as I do,” Faustino said. “Her no nonsense approach to parenting has made all of us better people overall and know that we would all be worse off without her.”

Life is way better with Norma in it, and Faustino and the boys know how much she impacts their lives in a positive way. She is such a great wife and mother, and she is a woman worth standing by.

While it may not have been love at first sight that brought them together, they know they are meant for each other, and they are glad they found their way to one another.

“God has blessed me so much with this woman,” Faustino said. “I feel like I hit the lottery with Norma and if anything ever happened to her it would create an unfillable void in my heart.”

They are soulmates who found each other at the right time, and they love living life together.

Whether they are watching Raiders games or spending time with their boys, as long as they are together, Norma and Faustino are happy.

“Norma, you are my Adrian. I see the same loyalty and willingness to stick with me through good times and bad just like her. You will always be to me what Adrian was to Rocky. The term ‘meant to be’ has never been truer than it is with us.” – Faustinomy main woman

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